Favorite Things about New Zealand

I’ve lived in New Zealand for close to a year combined now. 5 1/2 months the first time, and now 5 1/2 months since Jared and I got married! There’s a lot to like about New Zealand, and only a few things I don’t like- so here are my most favorite and least favorite things about New Zealand!


  1. The Climate
     Jared and I are so blessed to live in Whangarei, in the northern part of NZ. The winters are pretty mild (I haven’t experienced a full NZ winter yet, but from what I’ve heard they are not bad at all compared to Bellingham) and the summers are gorgeous- it gets the perfect temperature, enough to be hot but not to where you feel like you’re dying. The ocean water is the perfect cool, refreshing temperature. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. The Beaches

    There are so many beaches in and around Whangarei! They are breathtakingly gorgeous, and so close. Last Thursday when my dad was visiting we went to Ocean Beach and thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing waves. The next day Jared got off work early and the three of us went to Sandy Bay which is further north- it was just as beautiful!

  3. The Scenery

    I know God created truly awesome landscapes all over the world, and I appreciate all the different scenery I’ve seen so far (USA, Canada, Colombia, Malawi, Australia). But man, there is something about New Zealand… it’s like you can’t get away from the gorgeous views, even if you tried! Every time we drive over the Brynderwyn hills south of Whangarei, I am amazed by the breathtaking views going either way. This is such a beautiful country!

Least Favorites

  1. Weta So today I had my first experience with a weta. Well I guess it’s my second- last year when I was visiting Waitangi I did see a weta, but it was very small and pretty dead. This weta I saw today was not small!!! I’ll put a photo here so you can see- weta are the most hideous creatures ever. They look like bug aliens. Am I right?! Any time you see a movie or picture book with aliens that are bugs they look a lot like this:

Actually guys that’s about it. That’s my least favorite thing about New Zealand. The weta. Man I could certainly live without those. On the bright side there’s only one venemous spider here. One which, by the way, almost crawled on Jared’s head last week. He was sitting on a chair in front of an open window. I saw the spider crawling on the back of the chair right by his head and I started yelling at him to get up, which he didn’t until I said ‘Babe there’s a spider about to crawl on your head come here!!!’ Turns out it was a whitetail, which made me especially glad that I saw it. That’s not a spider you want to get bitten by… not that anyone wants to get bitten by any spiders. Especially on the head, yikes. If you’re especially curious like me you can google ‘White tail spider bite’ and ummm yeah it’s not pretty.

I am sure that as time goes by I will find more things to add to both those lists, but for now those are my most and least favorite things about New Zealand! What do you love or not love about the country where you live? Let me know in the comments!

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