Sugar Cookies: Fruit!

Over the past several years I have enjoyed baking and decorating sugar cookies. I hadn’t made any in months and months, and so I was really excited to get back at it! I asked my mom to bring me corn syrup from the USA when she came in November, for my icing recipe. My dad brought over my piping set when he came this month. So this week I finally made sugar cookies!


I wasn’t going to post these at first, but I posted a photo on my Instagram story and my mom said, you have to blog about these!
I’ve been wanting to make these fruit cookies for a while because they’re so cute!


I just realized- all these cookies I made- watermelon, lemon, and orange- I am growing the actual fruit! We have a mandarin tree and a lemon tree, with very green fruit that is continually growing. I can’t wait until the fruit ripens! Among other things, I planted watermelon in my garden… and so far so good! I just spotted the first melon starting to develop from a flower. I’m so excited to have fresh homegrown watermelon! My cucumbers are growing like crazy too… but that’s another post. I’ll update you on my garden soon, since it’s been 2 months since I planted it.

Do you enjoy fruit? I have always loved fruit so when someone says they don’t like a fruit, I’m shocked. Like, what?!?! But fruit is delicious! What’s your favorite fruit? It’s hard for me to choose, but I love nectarines and blackberries.

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