Embarrassing Childhood Photos

Alright guys. This is going to be interesting!

I have so so so many embarrassing photos from when I was younger. What makes it even worse is that I thought I was pretty cool at the time.

Let’s just get started.

  1. November 2013 
    Okay. First of all. What face am I making… and WHY. I don’t even know. Second thing- that girl there is STILL MY BEST FRIEND so shoutout to you Arianna 😉 THIRDLY we are both married now so I guess this photo wasn’t that bad.
  2. 2011
    Yes my friend and I had a huge tickle fight in the middle of the dining hall at camp. Yes why not… I can think of about six hundred and thirty reasons why not now. But at the time. It somehow made sense. ALSO I wasn’t even embarrassed at the time.
  3. January 2012
    I wasn’t going to post this one but then I looked again and burst out laughing so I decided I had to. To the three other people in this photo who shall remain unnamed, I’m sorry! I’m on the far right. We were at Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park/hotel. I am not sure what we were doing when this photo was taken, but, obviously we had just woken up.
  4. May 2014
    My cousin Elijah looks like ‘The name’s Bond. James Bond.’ He’s cool as. Me on the other hand? Why did I think that face was funny…
  5. December 2015
    Let me explain. I think this was the first or second photo I have ever had with Santa. I didn’t grow up believing in Santa. We were at a Christmas party, there was a Santa, and for some reason we decided hey why not get a Santa photo? But I felt really awkward because I was seventeen. You gotta do what you gotta do so I pulled a face to try and divert the awkwardness of the situation.
    Before the picture I need to explain this one. On second thought, it’s not really a photo you can ‘explain’ but PLEASE let me at least try. I am realizing more and more that I had a very odd sense of humor when I was young. And by young I mean like four years ago. Well with each year that goes by I celebrate being further separated from moments like this. Now I can happily say this was over six years ago. Anyways my sister and I had a small camera that we enjoyed taking completely weird selfies with. We did the selfie before it was cool… and believe me it was NOT cool! Alright. Enough stalling. I’m not going to embarrass her so I’m just sharing a photo of myself. Okay here goes nothing:

THAT’S IT GUYS. For now anyways. Also yes I am wearing a tooth on a necklace. I found it while we were camping once. I have no idea what animal the tooth is from.

Okay based on that last one I am seriously questioning why I decided to write this blog post. Let me post some nice photos to MAKE UP FOR THAT ABOMINATION I FORCED YOU TO SEE.

The adorable little squishy cute baby is my nephew Percy. The photo on the bottom right is my family and grandparents at iHop, and the photo on the right is four of my sisters and I. See we may have been incredibly awkward and weird at times when we were little but we TURNED OUT OKAY so that’s what matters! Also. Side note. Look at that gorgeous girl in the top right (sorry, I accidentally wrote left at first). She’s about the same age as some of those awkward photos of myself that I shared. So not fair.

ANYWAYS that’s all for today! Sorry that I didn’t get to blog over the weekend. We’re usually quite busy on weekends, and then yesterday was a holiday here in NZ.

I also have some utterly embarrassing videos that are PAINFUL to watch. But I can’t share those right now because that last photo was enough shame for a long time.

Did you go through an awkward/embarrassing stage?

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