Summer Garden

A couple years ago, I decided to plant a garden. Why not? It would be so fun!

It definitely was fun. When you see those first little green shoots, and then you get to watch them grow and grow and grow… unfortunately, two years ago I was also working and attending community college. So I didn’t have very much time to spend on tending my garden. And I had never planted a garden before, so I liberally sprinkled the seeds and then realized the reason my carrots only grew to a couple inches was due to the fact that they were incredibly overcrowded.

The next year I was given some seedlings, and my grandma gave me a beautiful tomato plant. This time, I wasn’t in school but I was working full time which had me much busier than the year before. So that garden got neglected as well.

This year though… when Jared and I were looking at houses to rent, I was really hoping for a house with a garden bed. Well I definitely got my wish! We have a good sized garden bed along the side of our house, as well as in the front. It was completely overgrown when we moved in… somehow some bak choy and strawberries managed to survive among the lush weeds, but when I began preparing the garden to be planted I took out everything except the strawberries.

Garden Veggies Flowers-1789

Garden Veggies Flowers-1788


Alright yes there are other plants in my garden besides flowers! But I just love these marigolds… they’re so bright and gorgeous. They both attract bees and keep pests away so they’re perfect flowers for a vegetable garden!

Garden Veggies Flowers-1785

My carrots are just about ready, but I have a ton of carrots from the store in my fridge right now so I figured I’d better use those up before I start picking my own… I am loving having basil and cilantro (aka coriander), so fresh and easily available! I never imagined I would be able to grow watermelon and rockmelon (cantaloupe) either, but hey, those are just a few perks of living in tropical paradise!

Last week Jared got me some flower seeds, so I’m going to plant those in the front garden! I started some pansies in a tray and they are doing great and a few have already sprouted.

What kind of garden would you like? I love having both veggies and herbs, and soon I’m going to have more flowers as well… so I’m in garden heaven right now!

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