5 Fun Date Ideas On A Budget

Jared and I love spending time together- okay I guess that goes without saying. We did get married for a reason. We love spending quality time together, though. It’s easy to sit on the couch together and watch tv. And it’s fun, too. But we love going on dates- intentionally spending quality time together. However, like many young people, we don’t have much room in our budget for dates. So we’ve learned how to spend time together without spending much money. Here are a few ideas, if you’re trying to find date ideas that won’t bust your budget!FIVE.jpg

  1. Take a Walk. Or a hike. Jared and I love being outside, so occasionally we’ll go for a walk, just exploring the area we live. It’s a perfect opportunity to spend some time together, just talking and having fun. Plus, when you have a fish and chips shop just down the road like we do… the other night we went for a walk to get some dinner to bring home. We’ve also gone hiking a few times, which has been fun!
  2. Watch a Movie. If you have Netflix, easy. If you have TV, there might be something good on. When Jared and I got dinner from the fish and chips shop, we came home and The Giver had just started, so we ended up watching it. If you have a library- use it! Unfortunately, for some reason unknown and very confusing to me, in New Zealand, libraries aren’t free. Books, yes, they’re free to borrow. But you have to pay for dvd’s… I was so shocked the first time I realized that! At our library, it’s $2 a week for most dvd’s, more for the newer ones, and the documentary style ones are free to borrow. Anyways, moving on… sorry but I had to add that because I’m still getting used to the fact that you have to pay to borrow dvd’s!
  3. Get Coffee. Jared and I will occasionally go to McDonald’s for coffee or sundaes as a treat. It’s fun, tasty, and cheaper than going out for a meal.
  4. Have a picnic. Picnics are so fun! Pack a meal and go outside… in your backyard, to a nearby park, the beach, or anywhere!
  5. Go Shopping. Okay I know this is about dates on a budget… but on our 6-month wedding anniversary a couple weeks ago, Jared and I went to the Hardware store just down the road and had lunch at the cafe in the store. It was so good! Then we walked around the store and bought a few things… we got some flower seeds for my garden, and since we are adults after all, we did get some ‘boring’ stuff- an extension lead and batteries. It was fun just walking around the store together and picking out flower seeds. Jared buys me flowers sometimes, which is so sweet, and this was fun because from these seeds I can plant my own flowers!


What are your favorite date ideas? Do you like going out or staying in?

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