Meet Sonic: Our First Puppy

On Wednesday, Jared and I drove to Dargaville to look at some adorable Jack Russell Foxy puppies. We were interested in a little girl, but there were two boys available as well.

The views on the drive were beautiful… gotta love New Zealand! We were full of anticipation. We had decided not to get the puppy if she didn’t like us, or we didn’t like her. There’s no reason to have a dog if you don’t like each other!

We arrived and got to meet the puppies and their mum. The puppies were all so adorable! Jared immediately took a liking to a little boy with a black face. The little girl was cute and cuddly but she was also pretty whiny, and we found that the boy Jared liked had a fun and playful personality! After discussing it for a while we decided to get the little boy.


This is Sonic! He is 3/4 Jack Russell and 1/4 Fox Terrier. On the drive home he was cuddly and sleepy. We stopped at the store to get some dog food and when we got home he ate really well. Going to bed was interesting… he cried until around midnight and then slept cuddling with Jared for the rest of the night. Jared got up with him in the morning and took him outside. Yesterday Sonic did great! He’s such a playful dog and he also loves to cuddle with me. Right now he’s sleeping on my lap! We’re working on potty training, and teaching him his name. Last night he was up a lot more, walking all over us and biting my hair. Agh! He’s worth it though, he’s a fun little puppy and we love him!


Do you have a dog? What kind? Jared’s always loved Jack Russells, since he had a few growing up (his parents have one now), so there was no question about what breed of dog we wanted!

Stay tuned, next Wednesday I’ll be posting a video about Sonic!

2 thoughts on “Meet Sonic: Our First Puppy

  1. Catherine Germain says:

    sweet I wish you a lot of joy with him He ‘ll need a ot of activities , I’ve deerhounds, scottish deerhounds and if I trus Sir Walter Scott they are the most perfect creatures. My two last girls are half autralian


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