Sonic, The Cutest Puppy!

This past week I’ve been taking little videos of Sonic because he’s SO CUTE and I can’t help it! He is absolutely adorable… my favorite part of this video is when he’s running in the grass and he falls right on his face… too cute!

On Sunday I went to the Warehouse and I got a couple toys for Sonic and a leash and collar, and some dog treats. We’re working on potty training so the treats help a lot! Yesterday he did really well. He sleeps a lot, so I took him outside as soon as he woke up and whenever he got whiny. He went toilet outside 4 times in a row yesterday… and then had about three accidents inside. He’s doing great though! He’s really getting used to his kennel too… the first few nights we put him in it he cried so much, and I hate to hear his sad little puppy cries. But last night and the night before he did so well.

Also- a huge thank you to all those who gave me puppy advice! I posted on my Instagram story asking for tips for potty training and all your responses were very helpful!

What’s your favorite thing about puppies? I love how cute Sonic is when he’s playing, and his little tail is wagging back and forth! He’s also very sweet and cuddly, which I love (when he’s not trying to chew on my hair or clothes…haha!).

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