Hello Autumn!

My favorite season is currently Autumn. I know in the US and other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring. Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons. It’s so fresh and new. When Jared and I got married and moved to New Zealand, winter was coming to a close and soon it was spring. I’m glad that we had spring so soon after we moved here because it really helped put me in a good mood and help with the transition (moving to another country isn’t exactly easy! Mentally or physically).


Because I went to NZ to visit Adalia and Ben in September, came back to the States in March, and then got married and moved back to NZ in August, it has been a very long time since I actually experienced cold weather. Autumn. Winter.

Jared and I in March the day I left to go back to the States. I never posted the photo on the left because I realized I had my left hand on his chest so I made us retake the photo since it looked like an engagement photo. Good times… 

Of course I can’t complain that I’ve experienced mostly blue skies and sunshine for the past 2 1/2 years. Spring and summer have been my favorite seasons for a long time. I love how it stays light much much later in the summer, I love the warm weather and the campfires and long walks and going to the beach.

But there’s so much to love about autumn and winter! Today is a perfect autumn day to me. It’s raining buckets outside (thanks to Cyclone Hola), it’s windy, and a bit chilly. It’s the perfect day to curl up with a blanket and a hot cup of tea and read a book or watch a movie. I haven’t really done that yet today though because, well, life. Instead I went grocery shopping (at 8am, which I discovered is the perfect time to go grocery shopping. There’s hardly anyone there and you can take all the time you please!), folded clean laundry and put on a load of laundry, washed a mountain of dishes, took Jared lunch, tidied up the kitchen table which has been a catch-all for the past week, and found our old wifi modem that we need to return. Now that I’m writing it down it doesn’t really sound like a lot.

Anyways, I’m getting off track! Autumn! There’s so much to love about autumn. Yesterday was also starting to get chilly and I couldn’t help thinking about sipping hot apple cider. (Just to clarify, I know in NZ cider is an alcoholic drink, but in the States it’s not. It’s like apple juice except raw and unfiltered! And when mixed with spices and heated up it is the BEST autumn drink!)

To me, autumn always meant raking leaves in our huge yard, feeling damp and slightly miserable the whole time. It meant visiting the pumpkin patch with my family. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream and way too much food on Thanksgiving. Golden, brown, and red leaves on the trees. Rain, rain, and more rain. Wearing layers, sweaters, boots, and hats. Oh and did I mention rain? Puddles, and how could we forget the rain? Yes, it rains a lot in Bellingham.

I was so, so excited today to wear boots, a sweater, and a hat. I feel so cozy. With the sound of the rain coming down, the dullness of the overcast sky… to some it might sound a bit miserable. To me? I have missed it so much!

If you check out my Pinterest board Autumn, you will see everything that shouts AUTUMN to me! Cozy flannels, brightly colored pumpkins, mugs of hot drinks, golden leaves…


I am so happy that it’s autumn now!

What is your favorite season? Why’s that?

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