Makeup Organization

I keep my makeup on top of our dresser in our room. A week ago, it was a huge mess. I always had to dig around to find what I needed. Well I finally decided to go through and reorganize it so that it looks better and is easier to find what I need.


This is what it looks like now. Previously, I had boxes, makeup bags, etc… it looked awful and like I said, it was hard to find things. So I got rid of all the bags I had. Well hold on, I didn’t get rid of them, because I love them and they’re really useful. But I stopped using them to organize my makeup.


This box was previously just a white box, but I wanted it to actually look somewhat cute, so I used some washi tape to add some color!


And the middle cup here? I gotta be honest with you… it’s just a tin can with washi tape around it. But it looks great and serves the purpose!


I organized my makeup by what each item was. I have a box with nail polish, a box with foundation/concealer/mascara, I have my lip sticks and my lip glosses, my eyeliners, brushes, etc.





Okay I just want to brag on that cream colored tin right there! It’s an eyeshadow palette by W7 called Colour Me Nude. I love it! It’s basically a perfect dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, and it goes on really nicely and blends great. The colors are awesome too… after I organized all my makeup I went through and swatched basically everything, just for fun. I realized that all my eyeshadows are basically the same color scheme- nudes/pinks/browns. The Elf palette I have has more colors, but I don’t use it much because it doesn’t blend well at all. Anyways, I definitely have a ‘comfort zone’ for what colors I like to use! I want to branch out and try more colors, but at the same time, whenever I next buy eyeshadow… I am in love with Maybelline’s new Lemonade Craze palette! And that’s in my comfort zone. But it does have a bright pink and a yellow, so it still counts as expanding my horizons, right?!


It was fun to go through and organize, and I even got rid of like two things that I never use because they’re awful. It’s so nice to have my makeup organized, and it’s way easier to find stuff.

What’s your favorite way to keep your makeup organized? I guess it really depends on how much you have. This was works great for me though, I love how easy it is to find everything.

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