Thank You! {Free Kitchen Conversion Printable}


That’s how many of you there have been. 4,795 of you have stumbled across my site, and viewed my posts. Some have read one post and never returned, some might have read a few and then moved on, but some of you have stuck around. Whether you’ve been reading my blog since September, when I was barely even posting, or if you’ve just found it recently; whether you read my posts regularly or if this is the first- Thank You.

Sometimes I wish that I had more readers on my blog, more followers and more likes on my Instagram. But then I remember that those numbers aren’t just numbers, but individual people. And I feel so honored that I get to write on my blog, post on my Instagram, and there are 50-100+ people each day who want to read what I’ve written or see my photos. However others may look at that number, I am grateful for it. For each of you.

Saying that, I wish I could do something for you. I hope in the future I can do a fun giveaway, but unfortunately there are bills to be paid and groceries to be bought, so I’m not able to now.

But there is something I’ve been working on for a while that I wanted to share with you, and I figured what better time to finish it up than now?

When I’m baking for fun, or cooking dinner, and one of my measuring cups is dirty or I have to use my kitchen scale, I hate having to pull out my phone and look up 1 cup butter in grams  or 6 Tablespoons to cups. I decided to get the information that I’m always looking up and put it together on a sheet of paper so I could tape it to the inside of a cupboard and easily find the answers to my kitchen questions!

I’ve already memorized ones like cups to pints to quarts to gallons, because growing up we had a magnet on the fridge with those, and other conversions. Those are easy for me to do in my head and I think most people learn those pretty quickly, so I haven’t included them.

I use these pretty much every day! Just click the link below the photo to get the printable PDF version.

Kitchen Conversions.jpg

Kitchen Conversions Printable

This is seriously a lifesaver for me. No more greasy phone covered with flour… well… I do still use my phone for recipes a lot. But at least now I just glance at it every now and then instead of trying to google my questions while in the middle of something! I hope that you find this useful and that it includes conversions that you need to use often as well.

Side note… totally going off topic… it’s cold right now! Yessss! After spring, summer, spring, summer, spring, summer, spring, summer, I am so ready for autumn! It hasn’t been very cold lately even though we’ve been in autumn for a month now… but last night and today have been really chilly, and I’m soooo happy about it! The trees are losing their leaves, it’s getting colder… life is good. I know you guys who are just coming out of a frozen winter are probably thinking I’m crazy and that constant spring and summer sound pretty amazing… and they are. But God made four seasons for a reason (in some parts of the world anyways… haha) and I love variety.

Plus life is SO WEIRD when you switch around the seasons. And do it again. And then again. It messes with my head! Getting older and growing up means lots of changes but I didn’t think that the seasons being switched around would really be that big of a deal… but it is just really weird. We’re going to celebrate American Independence Day in the dead of winter. Christmas here is barbecues. Life. Is. So. Weird.

Anyways… we’ll talk about that some other time! For now, I hope you enjoy the printable, and I hope that your weeks are off to a great start!


9 thoughts on “Thank You! {Free Kitchen Conversion Printable}

  1. sonja says:

    wow, nearly 5,000 views! congrats 🙂
    I’d followed your old blog and it took some time till I realized you had a new one.
    I rember I first visited you old blog when your mom mentioned it on hers, which I’ve been following for several years now.

    I wanted to comment here for a few days now because it was you who inspired me to finally get some new exciting makeup stuff & brushes, hahaha…I’ve never been much of a fancy makeup girl – but I had quite some items that needee replacing and now I did – and I’m pretty happy with my purchases – I got rid if everything unneccesary and now I only own a small assortment of things which I actually use more or less everyday 🙂

    So thanks for sharing about your life here!


    • The Canadian American Kiwi says:

      Thank you! It’s actually over 11,000 views (?! Wow!) but almost 5,000 unique visitors… and I’m thankful for each one!
      I love hearing from my readers, and so cool that you used to read my old blog too! Thank you for commenting. Aww, thanks for sharing that! I’m glad that I was able to inspire you. I’ve only really gotten into makeup in the last year or two but I really love it now! I’m glad that you were able to get some new things and sort out what you actually use!


  2. sid says:

    I’ve been reading since your old blog as well (also saw the link on your mom’s blog). I was so excited when I found your new blog after you went MIA on the old one. It has been really cool to read about your adventures in New Zealand. Thanks for blogging!


  3. Carina says:

    It’s fun to read about your experiences here in NZ. After using a number of American recipes I’ve become used to converting the more common measurements I come across. Does butter come in cup measurements (like ours shows 50g increments)? It just seems a little odd, unless you melt it, how to you easily measure 1/2C of butter? Still, every country has its quirks!


    • The Canadian American Kiwi says:

      Hi! Thank you! Yes, in America, if you buy a block of butter it will have lines for each 1/4 cup, just like 50g here. Haha true, it is hard to measure by cups… I guess we just normally go by the lines on the block! It’s also common to buy a box of butter that’s the same amount as a big block, but split into four smaller blocks that are each 1/2 cup.


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