Autumn Favorites

The past few days have really been cold, which I am loving!!! I have an amazing pair of fuzzy feet pajamas (as my family calls them) from Land’s End, and it was finally cold enough that I could wear them again!

I’m really obsessed with my fuzzy feet pajamas so I’ll tell you a little about them. My mom hates clutter, and in general tends to prefer quality over quantity, so she would much rather buy my siblings and I each one or two pairs of great quality pajamas that would last years and years and years, than be buying new ones every year because they wore out. Land’s End has great quality items and I remember we got bath towels, dresses, coats, and pajamas from there, and I’m sure other things as well!

land's end children.jpg

photo from Little Earthling Blog

These pajamas last for so long. When one child outgrew them, they got passed to the next, and so on. Once the feet started getting holes, we would just cut them off and keep wearing them because they were still going strong! And the name? It’s not too hard to figure out why we called them fuzzy feet pajamas. They’re fuzzy. They have feet.

Land's End pajamas.jpg

Photo from Little Earthling Blog

I think as we got older we stopped wearing them as much, and then a couple years ago my dad was ordering pajamas for my younger siblings. Well…. fuzzy feet pajamas! They are so cozy, so warm, and I have so many great memories. I was so bummed because I really wanted some too… and then my mom told me to just ask my dad to get some for me as well. Uhhh why don’t I think of things like that? So I did, and my dad ordered me a pair, and they are just as amazing as I remember! They don’t come in adult sizes but I got a size 16 kids and they fit me perfect with a little room (I’m 5’4″). Here is a link to the pajamas on the Land’s End website. I think they have different colors/patterns each year.

If you want to stay warm in the winter, go get yourself a pair. They’re not cheap but they’re worth it and they will last forever!

Another thing I love about this autumn is that we have a mandarin tree in our backyard and the fruit is starting to ripen!

The other day I bought a pumpkin at the grocery store, and roasted half of it for dinner. I think I’ll turn the other half into pumpkin bread. I absolutely love pumpkin bread, but unfortunately it’s harder to get pureed pumpkin here than it is in the States, and much much cheaper to buy a pumpkin and cook/puree it yourself! That’s what I did for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and though I was a bit intimidated at first it turned out really well.

I know you may think I’m crazy but I love how chilly it is! I got groceries the other day and the cold air was so refreshing and made me so happy. I do love summer but man have I missed autumn and winter! Plus when it’s cold, it’s so cozy and fun to cuddle up in a warm blanket with a hot drink. I just love it!

If you enjoy decorating your house, the changing seasons mean change of decor as well! Unfortunately I don’t have extra money to spend on home decor but that doesn’t stop me ‘window shopping’ online anyways. I think ‘online window shopping’ is one of my biggest hobbies. Thankfully there are lots of ways to decorate your house without having to spend much money, like free printables that you can frame, or cheap candles in autumny colors. The Warehouse and Kmart have great prices for some really cute stuff! I love The Warehouse’s pillows and throws… I have a couple throws/blankets from there and I love them! I think these three pillows together would look so good. The different colors and textures make it an interesting combination.

I love my light box that was a Christmas gift! It’s so personizable. (Yeah I think I just made up that word…) you can write whatever you want!


Do you enjoy decorating your house? Do you change the decor out for the different seasons?

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