Hi guys! Stay tuned because next week’s video is going to be about Younique’s lip stain, and I’ll be comparing it to the LipSense lip stains as well! PLUS guys I get to give you one of Younique’s lip stains, so check in on Wednesday and be sure to enter the giveaway!

This week has been, well, no walk in the park. I mean hey, life is incredibly interesting, so that’s good, at least. Today Jared’s grandma invited me to her house for morning tea, as she and granddad are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary! It was great to get see grandma and granddad, as well as meet granddad’s siblings. It was such a nice morning and I love this family that I married into!

Yesterday was quite the day, let me tell you about it. I had an appointment at 11:45 to get my hair cut. I spent the morning tidying up and cleaning the house, since someone was coming around later. That was all good, I left the house beautiful and spotless. Well, I was almost at the hair place when Jared called me asking about the house key, because he needed to get inside. So I had to turn around, go home and give him the key, and then continue on my way to my appointment. I called to let them know I was running late, but by the time I showed up it was so late that there wasn’t time to do it. I wasn’t entirely surprised, and of course it was totally my fault so I wasn’t upset.

We rescheduled for next week, and I texted Jared and told him I was on my way home. He called me and told me to go shopping and buy something, so I got a gorgeous dress from Postie! It was so sweet of him, and the dress I got is just perfect! Really guys, my husband is so sweet. Now, I’m not someone who you’d probably like to go shopping with. You’ll understand why in a minute. I went to Postie, and looked around, and they have lots of great things! There were some incredibly soft shirts and sweaters. I wandered around, looked at everything, tried on a few things, but didn’t find anything that I LOVED. So I went to the Warehouse and looked around there, but there wasn’t really anything I liked there… so I went back to Postie, tried on a few more things, and finally tried on a couple dresses. The first one I tried on I loved immediately! It was so soft, comfortable, and beautiful! The other two were great too but didn’t fit me as well, and I went with the first one. I love it so much! I’ll take a photo of myself actually wearing it later, but here’s a screenshot of it on the website.


I haven’t shopped a lot at Postie, because I don’t really go shopping a lot now, but last year I got this simple gray cardigan there. I had been wanting a gray cardigan for ages and finally decided to find one, and I was surprised how picky I am and how many different cardigans there are. Postie is where I found the right one, and it’s a staple for me! Seriously, it goes with anything (well except other grays that are too warm). When I first came to NZ it took a while to figure out what brands/places are nice and which ones are cheap, I’m still figuring it out to be honest. But I’ve found Postie is great!

The prices are really good too, I’m trying to think what US store to compare it to and, you might totally disagree with this, but it makes me think of Old Navy, a bit. Similar prices, including the sale racks, and they keep up with current styles, without going for every single trend and fab. Anyways I really like Postie! I also tried on a few sweatshirts that were unbelievably soft. I’m serious. If you want a soft, warm, cozy sweater- Postie is the place to go. The warehouse had some really soft ones too, but theirs weren’t really my style.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

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