Weekly Menu

Hi guys! I know that Wednesdays I normally post a video on my YouTube channel, but today I’ll be in Auckland for most of the day, and yesterday I was really busy running errands and didn’t get a chance to film anything.

Since I actually planned out our meals for the week for once, I thought I’d share them with you! For lunch we usually do sandwiches or leftovers.

M: Crockpot Barbecue Chicken Drumsticks, rice, steamed veggies, salad. The chicken was so easy and so good too! Just throw some thawed chicken and some barbecue sauce in the crockpot on high for 3-4 hours and you’re good to go.

T: Sweet Chili Chicken, fried rice, salad. I have more drumsticks that I need to use soon, so I minced up a few cloves of garlic and a small onion, threw it in a pan with the drumsticks, and poured some sweet chili sauce and garlic salt on. Bake at around 400F (200C) for 30-45 minutes or until done, and there you go!

W: Chili con Carne, rice, steamed veggies. I bought a recipe base for chili con carne, so all I need to do is add a capsicum, mince (ground beef), a can of beans, and small ingredients like oil, and follow the directions on the package!

Th: Leftovers. Whenever I meal plan, I always end up skipping a few of the meals I had planned for one reason or another. This time I made sure to plan a day for leftovers, or if there are none, whatever I can whip up real quick.

F: Fettuccini Alfredo, garlic bread rolls, salad, carrot cake. Friday is Jared’s birthday, and I am making the BEST fettuccini alfredo! I found this recipe several months ago, and I don’t make it often just because it calls for parmesan, cream cheese, and cream, none of which I usually buy, but it is to die for and Jared loves it, so I knew I had to make it for his birthday! When I asked him what cake he wanted, he said carrot cake, so while I’m cooking dinner right now (Tuesday night) I hopped on the computer to find a recipe, and ended up starting this blog post instead, but hey I’m not disappointed.

Saturday and Sunday are left blank because I have moved recipes around and changed days a few times, so I was left with blank spots for those two days. It’s really easy to make a quick soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, or cheesy pasta, so I’ll think of something when it gets closer.

Speaking of which, that just reminded me that I recently learned how to make the BEST mac ‘n cheese! I never actually use macaroni noodles because I prefer the penne or spirals, but that’s beside the point. I used to just cook my noodles, add some cheese, butter, a splash of milk, and seasoning, and that’s it. BUT NO. This way only takes a few more minutes and is super easy. Get the recipe here, and trust me you will not regret it! It makes it about 70x better. The recipe says cheese is optional but just use cheese. Let’s be honest when is cheese ever optional…

Andddd in honor of Jared’s birthday on Friday, I have to share these photos!

Jared Collage

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