Happy Birthday Jared!

Jared’s birthday is today! He’s working this morning but he’s planning to come home early, and we’re having his family over this evening. If you read Wednesday’s blog post, you already saw these photos but I have to post them again because CUTENESS!!!

Jared Collage

Look at what a cute kid he was! Pretty sure when we have children they’re going to be adorable!


I’m not going to get too sappy but I do want to take a few minutes and brag on this guy. First of all you should know how smart he was in school! He got so many trophies and awards in high school. He earned his Bachelor’s at North Tec with distinction and academic excellence. Now he works as a general manager at his parents’ construction company and he’s so good at it. Since he started a year ago, he’s had to learn a lot about being a manager and about construction but he’s done so well. One thing I love about him is that he is so hardworking and determined. He’s always sweet to me and puts me before himself. He loves refereeing rugby and he does a great job teaching the kids’ class at church on Sundays. He also has the best laugh, which is a family trait. Watch a funny movie with the Cutforths and their laughs are just contagious!



I’m so thankful for this man, and our life together! Happy birthday my Jared!

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