Birthday Photos and Sonic

Jared’s birthday last week was tons of fun… his family came over in the evening and we had dinner and played games. I didn’t take any photos then, but I took some earlier when he got home from work and I gave him his gift. And no it wasn’t a hint to shave, the razor is what he wanted. 😉

We  have been so busy lately, but it’s nice sometimes to just slow down and enjoy life.


By the way it’s also been freezing cold lately… I mean not technically freezing but close enough, it was 42F this morning and the ground was covered in frost. We’re pretty happy that our landlords put in a heat pump a few months ago!


What a weirdo… but I love him. He recently learned to get on the couch by himself, and it’s so annoying because he’s not allowed on it unless there’s a human being there as well to supervise him, but he’s a persistent little fella.


He’s pretty adorable though… and he loves to cuddle with us, especially as it’s getting colder!

He’s 4 months old now, and seriously he’s such a great dog! Having a puppy is great in some ways and really inconvenient in others… when our rental agreement is up and we have to move, it’s going to be a lot harder to find a house because we have a dog. And he’s kind of annoying sometimes. But having a dog is amazing too, he’s going to be so loyal when he’s older, and he’s already such a sweet puppy! He is incredibly playful too, and even though he sometimes bites, he’s mostly good with new people. Now if only he’d actually come when I call him…. 😉

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