A Little Peek

At our new place!!! I took some photos of our house to show my friends. I’m still (yes STILL) working on unpacking the office/guest room… I can’t figure out how to put the bed frame together, and I need to go to the Warehouse Stationary and get some supplies to organise the ridiculous amount of paper that’s currently in stacks on the desk… agh! Besides that I’ve basically unpacked everything. Plus I’m almost caught up on laundry! And yes it has been two whole weeks….

One of my favourite things about this house? We can hang things on the walls! Honestly it’s a little thing but it makes a big difference. Having pictures in the walls makes it feel more like a home.

Normally, I’m not a huge fan of red… but as you can see that’s a bit of a theme in this house so I’ve decided I like it (what else is there to do…) I do LOVE that tile in the kitchen though! Plus the stove/oven works great.

We’re also in a great neighbourhood, and still nice and close to town. I took Sonic for a walk last week because I had to drop off some banking in town, and it was the first time I’ve actually taken him there! Normally I’m going inside a store or something so I don’t want to take him. He did really well and only growled at a few people. He’s pretty adorable anyways though so they didn’t mind!

I also walked to the library in the rain last week, which was fine because I have a nice raincoat. Except it was raining wayyyy harder than I realized and I was soaked before I got halfway to the library… don’t worry I kept the books nice and dry under my coat!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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