Saturday Means Rugby!

Hey guys! Most Saturdays– wait that’s not accurate. Sorry. Every Saturday, Jared referees rugby. He really enjoys it! Depending on the week and how much housework I’ve let pile up I sometimes stay home but sometimes go with him. This past week I went along with him, and it was a great day. It’s July so it was chilly, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful day. I’ll admit I didn’t watch the entire time… I mean come on we were there for two games (He refereed the first one and was the AR for the second) and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the game. So I did bring a book, and my phone… but I did watch at times, and enjoyed it! It was prems and prem reserves, so it was really exciting.


I didn’t take any pictures of the game he refereed but these are from the one he was the Assistant Referee for. What is your favorite way to spend Saturdays? After this we came home and watched tv cause come onnnn that’s what we do all the time! Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, anyone?

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