Hiking With my Hubby

Hey friends! On Sunday afternoon, Jared and I went for a hike at Whangarei Heads. It was only a short hike (it took about an hour total) but it was pretty steep. At the top there was a gorgeous 360 view! You could see every direction. It was also pretty windy and if you’re a bit afraid of heights, it might make you kinda nervous… (yes I am talking to myself). I took my camera and got some gorgeous photos! Then today my camera fell apart sooooo that’s fun… The battery hatch fell apart, so I’m trying to figure out how to put it back together, that’s all. Worse case scenario I buy a new battery hatch. Or a battery grip. It’s not the end of my camera, thankfully! It’s just out of commission until I get it figured out.

Yesterday I was so busy all day so I didn’t get a chance to upload my photos to the computer, but today I finally did, and I had fun playing around with a few of them!

IMG_2654 watermarked.jpg

How handsome is he?!?! REALLY handsome if you ask me!

IMG_2675 watermarked

You know you are married to your soulmate when your spouse can take decent photos of you (okay the focus isn’t quite spot on in this one but still! Still great!)

IMG_2640 watermarked.jpg

On our way back down I stopped to take some photos because THIS TREE is GORGEOUS!!! Okay actually I stopped several times to take photos, but again, this tree?! I love it! And that’s just the background of this photo, the real star is that hottie in the right hand corner 😉

IMG_2611 watermarked.jpg

So I definitely need to work on my black and whites — well I need to work on all my editing– but I love the angles and all the branches in this photos. I took this photo on our way down, and I was standing above Jared. It was SO steep!

Now this was the really fun part! I decided to play around with Photoshop and try and create a moody look. The photo on the left is edited normally (I usually adjust the exposure, sharpness, warmth, and the tint if necessary), and the photo on the right is the one that I played with. I really love it! It’s just a first attempt but I’m really happy with it. Except why is the inside of Jared’s hood bright blue?! That kinda ruins it…. lol

I have plenty more photos that I’ll be sharing later this week, once I edit more! If you know of any tutorials for moody photos, or black and whites… hit me up in the comments!

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