American Christmas

If you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in two months…

So am I.

I never really know what to write about. Even though there’s tons going on that you would probably find at least somewhat interesting. So I’m just going to write, and if it makes sense great, and if not, at least I tried. So here we go!

Last Christmas was really special because Jared and I got to go to America to visit my family! It was our first time being back since our wedding (almost a year and a half ago) so it was really special to see everyone again. My sister, her husband, and my stinkin’ cute nephew also made the long trip from NZ to Washington, so it was a party! THEN to make things even better? My BEST friend (and cousin) Arianna, her husband, and their baby came to visit from California. So it was basically the best.

Jared and I hadn’t seen Ben, Adalia, and Percy in a longgg time, and so it was really fun to see them and spend time with them! It was so good to see my cousin Arianna too, and it was Jared’s first time meeting her husband Micah, and none of us had met baby Oakley yet.


I mean, let’s be honest. Could she get any cuter?!

One really fun thing was how excited Apollo was EVERY time he saw me for the first week. When he first saw me – TILLY!!! And a huge hug. The next morning? TILLY!!! And a huge hug. When I went with mom to pick him up from school? TILLY!! And a huge hug. It was so sweet!


Jared and I had such a good time visiting with my family, and were excited to see my old church family and friends too! It was so hard to leave them all when we got married, so you can bet that we had such a good time visiting with them.

ALSO on the day after Christmas we went to Canada to visit my grandparents.

Now here’s the thing about my Grandma Jean. She loves to cook. And she cooks for an army. It’s impossible to be hungry at Grandma’s house. We had so much delicious food including Hungarian cabbage and noodles, and nokedli. It was a gooood day, my friends.


Now, I’m totally telling things out of order, just for the record. Christmas day was full of all the traditions that I’d been so excited to share with Jared! Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, opening stockings, and spending all day long working on a large jigsaw puzzle together (see above photo of Micah and Ben!). We play board games, eat food, and just chill out.


We had an amazing two weeks and THEN on the way back to NZ? We stopped in Hawaii for a few days of beachy goodness before heading back to our normal lives. Kalina came along to help out with Percy, and Grandma Cindy and Grandpa Earl came as well!



Percy was not thrilled with the taste of the sand and yet kept eating handfuls of it. Look at those adorable brown eyes. And that expression of despair…



You probably have noticed that most of the photos in this blog post are of Percy or Oakley. It’s just because about 95% of the photos I took were of those two cuties. Pretty sure when our baby is born my blog will be 99% Baby Kiwi, with maybe one or two pictures of food (because we all know how much I love food) scattered in.

As my pregnancy gets further along and Kiwi keeps growing, I have been feeling wayyy better morning-sickness-wise but also very very tired all the time. So I’m trying to take it pretty easy when I’m not at work, and hopefully that means I’ll be focusing more on spending time blogging.



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