Cloth or Disposable?

When you’re getting ready to have a baby, there are lots of decision you have to make, and most of them have been pretty straight-forward for me. I know that I want to do a home birth, breastfeed, I’m not setting up a whole fancy nursery for Kiwi, and I’m so ready to be completely flexible because I’ve never had a baby before so I’m going to learn a ton!


My cousin’s daughter Oakley. Ummm she’s just the cutest isn’t she?!

One thing I’m still trying to decide on, though? Whether to use cloth diapers or disposable. My mom did cloth diapers for some of my younger siblings, so it’s not a foreign concept to me, and I already know which style I’ll go for (pocket diapers). I’ve been given some already and will purchase more, as well. But I’m still debating whether to go with cloth diapers right off the bat, or start out with disposables when Kiwi is a newborn, just as we’re getting used to having a baby.

Let’s be honest. Diapers are stinky and gross either way, right?

My plan is to get diapers from AlvaBaby because I like the pocket-style cloth diapers, they have cute designs, and they’re on the more affordable end of the spectrum. I’ve found them on Amazon for a great deal ($30 for 6, which is about $45NZD), and in NZ the website Chirpy Cheeks Nappies sells them as well – I haven’t ordered from them yet, but most likely will. I’ve also heard good things about the brand BumGenius.


Chirpy Cheeks

Truly I get so nervous buying things when you have thousands of options (or it seems like, anyways). For example, the other day Jared sent me to get myself new shoes, because the ones I got 2 1/2 years ago before I first came to NZ are full of holes. It was perfect timing because Rebel Sport was having a great sale (30% off most shoes)! There’s so many to choose from though! And I’m not a shoe expert so to me they’re all. the. same. And I don’t want to pick the *wrong ones*. But finally I narrowed it down to a few options and texted Kalina, who didn’t respond right away. Like, hello?? You’re my sister, you should be available 24/7 for those random and occasional times when I need your advice straightaway. Right?! But I texted my best friend and she responded, so I finally was able to make a decision.

Okay that was a long rabbit trail, but, my point is that I get overwhelmed when I have soooo many choices that all seem the same to me. Like for example mascara! You can go to a makeup store. Just one brand has like 10 different mascaras. I get that you might have a few different brush shapes, and a black-black and black-brown. But beyond that, how come there are so many options???

Alright moving on… I don’t even know how to get back to the original topic now. I used to be a pretty good writer in college, and my transitions between ideas were great. Obviously that’s not the case at the moment. So please just bear with me!

That being said… what sort of blog posts would you like to see here? I’ve got several ideas including sharing with you how I’m organising Kiwi’s clothes, and good meals to make ahead and freeze (once we get a chest freezer and we get close enough to my due date I can start cooking in advance!). But although being pregnant has given me lots more ideas  than before I’m still curious what sort of things you would like to see here!

And if you have been reading my blog for a while, you might have noticed that when I feel like a post needs more photos, I just use the ones I took in Australia two years ago. So here’s one of those 😉

Aussie 1

4 thoughts on “Cloth or Disposable?

  1. sonja snowflake says:

    Ohh, the diaper question 🙂
    we did cloth for both kids and were completely happy with them;
    I bought a starter pack new and lots of others second hand;

    I had pockets, all in ones, prefolds, fitted, covers…and we tried tons of brands as well;
    bumgenius are expensive, but worth the price…I loved bumgenius elementary (aio)…
    I had some alva as well, they were well enough considering the cheap prices…
    we also had blueberry and some German and Austrian brands which we were very happy with…

    the thing is – you need to decide if you want to do cloth diapers day and night or only at daytime;
    pockets & all in ones aren’t designed to hold a whole night of pee and usually leek; so for nights you need prefolds or fitted plus covers
    I didn’t like pockets because they were so much more work than all in ones (like- stuff them before use, pull the fillings out after use…)
    economically speaking- and work-like…I’d go for covers and prefolds- it’s far less laundry than pockets or all in ones, because you can (assuming there’s no poo- accident) use one cover the whole day and just change the prefolds; so with like 3-5 covers and ~20 prefolds you’re set for 3 days without doing laundry…

    as for pockets and/or aio – we started with about 15- which was ok, but I had to do laundry every second day…we stocked up to about 25 and were really happy with it…

    we started with cloth diapers when our daughter was around 3months old, because I was a bit overwhelmed at first and didn’t really understand all those different options…then one Austrian shop offered test packages for rent with all kind of different brands and systems and we tried what worked best for us;
    our son was in cloth from day 1. most brands now do onesize diapers, so you can adjust the size through snaps in the front- worked great for us…if you have a really small baby (like under 3-3,5kg) onesize won’t work, but anything above 3,5kg will be okay;

    bonus point: no kid here was “potty trained” but both started using the potty independently, our daughter was dry day&night at pretty much exactly 2yrs, our son by 1.5yrs 🙂


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