The Midnight Intruder

Let me be honest, this past week was terrible. Sometimes life is just. Too much.

But I feel way better now and I even worked on my taxes today without one single tear shed. Honest. Last year around this time I was dealing with passport and visa issues as well as trying to figure out that whole taxes thing for the first time, and we had issues with our landlord. It was just a really, really stressful time.

I’m not finished, but I’m really close and it honestly was not very complicated at all this time (which may mean I’m doing it wrong? lol). Like last year, I was applying for another visa recently, but I just got word last week that I was approved for the visa I applied for! Praise the Lord! Immigration is a longggg process, and complicated, and expensive. I guess they want to make sure you really want it. And I do!

The other day I was looking on Pinterest at tutorials on photo editing, and then went through my computer to find some photos to play with. Follow my Pinterest board ‘Photography’ for inspiration and tips!

Bowling alleys are not good places for portraits, by the way.


But he’s really handsome so I love this photo anyways!

Now, keep reading for more fun photos, but I also want to tell you a story.

Did I ever tell you about the time a cat got into our house in the middle of the night? I can’t remember so I’ll just tell it again!

Our house has pet doors, and we used to leave them unlocked all the time so Sonic could come and go as he pleased. We don’t do that anymore, for two reasons – one is that Sonic will run off and not come when he’s called, and two is the story you’re about to hear.

Normally if Sonic hears someone in the driveway he goes crazy and won’t stop barking. Whenever we get home from work, church, or wherever, he yaps and barks until we let him out of his kennel or off his chain. He then proceeds to sprint laps through and around the house. He’s insane.

So although he’s little he’s pretty good at alerting you if someone is around. Or so we thought.

Jared and I are in bed one night, asleep, and are woken up by the sound of something being knocked off a table or shelf in the lounge/kitchen area.

Sonic is in his kennel.

We were terrified.

Because this was when we didn’t lock the doors at night, either. So anyone or anything could have been in our house. We were wide awake in seconds, and I hid under the blankets while Jared got up to investigate.

Might I add, Sonic was completely silent. Asleep. Thanks buddy. Not a very good guard dog after all.

Turns out, the neighbor’s cat had come in through the pet door and was casually hanging out in our house in the middle of the night. Not cool bud, not cool. Of course once Jared realised it was a cat and began chasing it out of our house, thennnn Sonic woke up and went crazy.

Jared got the cat outside, locked the pet doors, and front door, and came back to bed, where I was still cowering… what can I say I really appreciate having a brave husband to go see who’s intruded our house in the middle of the night!

Since then, we lock our doors every night, because what if it had been a person? And we also keep the pet doors locked because neither of us likes cats, and nobody likes midnight intruders!

That cat enjoys terrorizing Sonic when he’s tied up outside, and I actually don’t know who it belongs to but presumably one of our neighbors.

And that my friends, is the story of our midnight intruder.



Dylan and Jared


Ummm guys? I think I could die from how cute my nephew is. Honestly he is too perfect I just can’t even.



Hiking up Mount Aubrey with Jared… it’s a nice short hike and has stunning views!


Have you ever had an experience like that?! Tell me about it if you have!

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