Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

I just hit 30 weeks pregnant, so there’s only about ten weeks until Kiwi’s due date!

My favorite things about pregnancy: 

  • Carrying our child, of course!
  • The anticipation and preparation and thinking about who our child is and what it will be like to have our baby in our arms.
  • Feeling kicks and punches and somersaults and stretching and all the gymnastics Kiwi has been doing!

There are definitely some annoying things about pregnancy too, like morning sickness, fatigue, and the last few weeks, sore hips every morning and a sore back most days. And recently swollen feet and hands if I’m standing up all day. I wouldn’t trade it for anything though because I love being pregnant, and I am so excited about our child!


So far in this pregnancy, Kiwi and I are both healthy and doing great, which is such a blessing. I am so excited to give birth and to meet our child when the time comes!

Last week Jared and I got a freezer, so this week I’m going to start some cooking and baking in advance to prep for Kiwi’s arrival.

One of my hobbies is online shopping – but I tend to browse and put things in my cart and then just leave it or change my mind. Now that we’re just over two months out from Kiwi’s due date, I’m starting to actually buy more of what I put in my online carts, and a few weeks ago I got some swaddles and soft flannel blankets from Kmart. I also got a ring sling from Wildbird because I really wanted one and they were having a great sale! (it might still be on now actually)

I went to Crackerjack last week and got some board books for our little one. I love Crackerjack’s selection of books – many of them have awesome illustrations and fun stories. Also I really want to buy all their crossword puzzle books and sudoku puzzle books and all that just because they have the cutest designs.


Today I’m planning to cook chicken curry, bake pumpkin bread, and make apple cider (calm down Kiwis, American apple cider is not alcoholic). It’s autumn here so it’s all rainy and cosy! I’ll also be cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry and all that fun stuff, but I love listening to podcasts or watching videos while I do housework. It makes it more enjoyable! My favorite podcasts are Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast, and North Valley Baptist Church’s preaching podcasts. On YouTube I like watching The Labrant Fam. What do you watch or listen to while you’re doing mindless tasks like dishes?


Jared and I went to a friend’s wedding on Saturday and it was amazing! It was a gorgeous, heartfelt wedding and so enjoyable. 

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