Small Shop Roundup: Baby

I love browsing Instagram and finding new accounts to follow and drool over. I follow a lot of small shops that make bows and headbands (which, if Kiwi is a girl, I will order adorable bows from immediately) teething toys, and even socks – kind of random but they’re really cute.

I love supporting small businesses and wish I could buy from them more, but I also try to be thrifty and sort of minimalist (that’s a tough one for me, it’s like my Pinterest style – probably not going to happen but I’m always dreaming of it). So I can’t speak from experience on all these shops, but I’ll let you know which ones I have tried. I also love sales – you know this – so without fail I always check the sale section first. And note, a lot of stores will give you 10% off your first order if you subscribe!

I follow shops in the US, Canada, and NZ so I’ll split them up for you. Since my mom is coming over for Kiwi’s birth, I can have things from the US or Canada sent to her. And since she’s coming over again in August when my sister has her baby, if Kiwi is a girl I can buy a million adorable bows and get her to bring them over then. It’s really perfect. Thank you Adalia for your great timing! 😉

New Zealand Small Shops

Elemay Baby Boutique – I love the bows, booties, and bibs! The prices are some of the best I’ve seen, too.

Mel’s Baby Boutique – This is one of the more affordable ones I’ve seen as well – and this wooden tool set teether? I don’t care if our baby is a boy or girl; they need this!

For the Burrow – I’m pretty sure I need all these muslin wraps! I already have around eight muslins so I haven’t bought more yet but it’s so tempting when there are so many adorable designs around!

Peas in a Pod – I’ve ordered from here twice and love the products! Teethers, dummy clips, swaddles, toys – they’ve got it all. I have two swaddles, one dummy clip, and two teethers.

Canadian Small Shops

Kai and Ben – These teethers and pacifier clips are so adorable. I have to post two photos.

That’s right – vintage gameboy teethers. My dad had one of these style gameboys! They also have a coffee cup, milk bottle, cactus, and camera. Ooh boy they’re too cute. The wood teethers, like the one above, come in several designs and colors as well!

American Small Shops

Little Bumble Bows – Some of their bows are too cute!

Sunshine and Pine – Who wouldn’t want wooden lollies, chocolates, donuts, rainbows, and blocks in gorgeous pastels?!

Maelynn’s Market – these colors, the style of the bows, ummm gorgeous!!! They have several sizes as well, so whether you love large bows or you prefer small dainty ones like I do, these are perfect. I love the fabrics too, how adorable are the colors and patterns?

Little Stocking Co – socks and tights. They’re just really really cute.

Billy Bibs – bows, bibs, pacifier clips. Vintage. Adorable.

Little Light Feet – more socks and tights, yes. These ones come in baby sizes too! The colors. Patterns. Too much!!!

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Loved by Sophia Claire – More bows. Yup. Look at these colors!

Starry Knight Design – I’ve been drooling over these shoes for literally months and months. At $28+ they’re not cheap and I want to buy basically all of them. I’m still not sure if I actually will get any but I love looking at them, anyways! They have tons of designs and colors.

As I mentioned above, I actually haven’t bought from most of these shops, but I love their style, and several of them I’m just waiting for Kiwi to be born and if we have a girl, I will definitely be ordering at least a couple of bows for her! And I can definitely recommend Peas in a Pod, since I have bought from them and got great service and loved the products. Let me know your favorite small shops!

I’ve also been browsing TradeMe (Americans; it’s basically like Craigslist) and Facebook Marketplace. I recently bought several things so I’ll share those here too since they’re too cute, were really cheap, and it was basically thrift shopping without actually having to go anywhere.

I also got a change table, which should be dropped off today, and I can’t wait to continue setting up Kiwi’s things once that arrives! Which also reminds me to get some cloth diapers… we’re going to do like half and half, I think.

I read something the other day saying babies have 3-4 poopy diapers a day. That’s not even counting the ones that are just wet. That’s a lot. Wow.

On that happy note, until next time!

2 thoughts on “Small Shop Roundup: Baby

  1. sonja snowflake says:

    I’m not that much into bows but the wooden teethers and stockings are adorable!

    we love these leather shoes – both of my kids have these (from a local seamstress though) since they were crawling, they’re perfect for taking their first steps as they are sooo sooo soft and they prevent slipping on wooden floors 🙂
    They’re usually in pretty good shape after one child, so you can always reuse them. I wouldn’t buy them before crawling age though…

    Oh yeah…poopy diapers… 😉 especially when nursing – it usually goes from one poopy diaper a day during the first 2 weeks to “every diaper is a poopy one” for the next two or threee months – and after that we had everything from once a day to once ever y 4-5 days, so it’s usually only the first months where it’s really…poopy 😀

    If you’re plan on using cloth diapers only part-time, it’s best to use disposable ones during the night, as you usually don’t change them when baby’s sleeping and after the first few weeks they don’t poop during nighttime on a regular base – we always put sleep before changing diapers – I mean, we didn’t leave them sleeping in their poop, but with disposable diapers they don’t have a wet bum and my kids didn’t mind that – and both were diaper free during the night by the age of 1.5 years, so I don’t think it did them any harm 🙂


    • The Canadian American Kiwi says:

      Thanks for your comment!
      A few weeks ago I bought a pair of used leather baby shoes and was amazed, haha! They’re so so soft.
      Good to know about poopy diapers 😉
      Yes I’ve heard that it’s easier for them to soak through cloth diapers so disposables are good for overnight. Thanks for your input! 🙂


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