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Let’s be honest, I love shopping. In person, online, anything works! I’m pretty picky though so I’ll typically spend agessss shopping and then only buy one thing… or nothing… it’s been pretty fun with Kiwi having an excuse to actually buy things (I still do way more browsing than buying though!).

I loved buying things used because you can find things in great condition for way better prices, if you have time to look!

A couple months ago I shared these three items I bought from SaveMart (an op shop/thrift store). The tops are definitely boyish so if Kiwi is a girl I need to buy some headbands/bows immediately so she can wear these without being called a boy, and the suit is pink so Kiwi might not get to wear it if he’s a boy. I just had to get them though because they’re just. so. cute!

Since Jared and I have one vehicle, if he needs it for work or he’s driven it and I don’t want to walk and go get it from him, there are times I don’t have transportation so I can’t just go shopping. If you’re willing to pay a couple dollars for shipping, TradeMe is the best!

(If you’re in the States; TradeMe is basically like Craigslist. Just an online place where you can buy and sell things.)

Several weeks ago I was browsing TradeMe and found one seller that had tons of adorable, and I do mean adorable, baby clothes for sale. I bought seven items, and was able to combine shipping since they were from the same seller, and spent a grand total of $25.

I think we all know that if I bought just one or two of these new, it would easily have been that price.

I was thrilled when they arrived to find that each item was in great condition and did I mention that they’re all adorable?!

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself.

How cute are those overalls/dungarees/whatever you call them?!

When I told Jared I got these, he said ‘don’t we have enough clothes for the baby?’

I explained that yes, but, babies grow. 😉 I’ll probably hold off on getting much more baby clothes until Kiwi is born because once we have a boy or girl, we can buy gender-specific clothing (honestly this baby is going to live in dresses if she’s a girl! Baby dresses are the cutest thing. Ever.)

Last week I had some time to kill in town so I walked to the SPCA op shop and I found these shoes for THREE dollars. Remember when I shared my favorite small shops, a few posts back? And one was for leather baby shoes that I’m dying to get but haven’t been able to justify it yet? Well, problem solved, for now anyways! These are so stinkin’ cute, and they were so cheap. I also grabbed two books which were in very used condition but one was by Usborne, my favorite publisher for kids’ books, which I lovedddddd so much as a child! I couldn’t resist. Even though there was a bite out of the corner. It was 50 cents.

On another note, not about used items, but, I shared a few months ago where I would probably buy cloth diapers from, and I want you to know, I did! Last week I bought four Alva Baby cloth nappies from Chirpy Cheeks Nappy Store. Honestly this website is amazing because they have several different brands, and dozens of colors/patterns from each one – so whatever  your style, you will likely find something you love here!


I’m not too sure if this blog post is written very cohesively but my brain is a little fried lately so I’ll just hit publish and hope for the best! 😉

2 thoughts on “TradeMe Finds

  1. sonja snowflake says:

    Never mind the gender – and gender specific clothing – whatever my kids were wearing, there were always people who thought they were the opposite gender;
    it still happens with my son, who’s 2.5yrs now and has a head full of blond curls…it all depends on their hair 😉 if they’ve got lots, people just assume that they’re girls…
    we had lots of gender neutral clothing for our firstborn as we were planning more kids anyways, so in the small sizes it made no sense to buy gender specific stuff…
    now they’re chosing their outfits, especially my daughter, who’s 4.5yrs – she’s extremely sensitive to clothing and only has very few items she can wear without having sensory issues, which makes it pretty tricky to get new clothes – and a real problem is, that most of the clothes she actually wears are the ones we got used – so no possibility of just getting the same item again…but it’ll work out, summer’s ’round the corner and she loves airy, light summer dresses 🙂


    • The Canadian American Kiwi says:

      I’ve heard so many times, that people will confuse the gender regardless! 😂 At least I know to be prepared for it haha!
      When my youngest brother Apollo had heart surgery in Texas, people kept thinking he was a girl because of his curly blonde hair (he was 2.5).
      That’s hard when kids are sensitive to certain clothes. 💗 Yay for summer though!


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