Adalia and Percy Visit!

Last week my sister Adalia and her son Percy came up to visit. Although we both live in NZ we actually don’t see each other very often (which we both want to change!) so it was really great to have her here! We last saw Ben, Adalia, and Percy at Christmastime when we all went to the States, and had so much fun. It was great especially for Jared and Ben to spend some more time together since they didn’t know each other very well before that. So when Adalia asked if she and Percy could come visit of course I said YES please do!

I’m not quite finished with work – this week is my last – but I had most of last week off, while Adalia was here. It was great to be able to spend time together, and man I enjoyed being at home as well! I have to admit I am very much looking forward to staying home with Kiwi. I cleaned my house and got to actually enjoy it before it got messy again. Crazy right? When you’re working, you clean the house, go to work, come home and make it a mess again. In my experience anyways. 😉

One day last week the weather was nice so we decided to walk to a park that is near our house. We brought Sonic as well and THIS is a milestone!!! Listen up! Sonic did. not. poo. once. on the walk. I was so thankful. Normally if I take Sonic on a walk – regardless if he’s had three hours outside in which he could do his business – he decides he has to go in the middle of our walk. Then I have to walk around with a bag of dog poo. Not cool. Once I got literally ten metres from our driveway and Sonic did his business. Honestly?! It’s so frustrating. But this time, there were no stops to pick up dog excrement. Praise the Lord.


Sonic had a great time and he was grinning all evening afterwards! He loved it, even though I did tie him to a park bench as soon as we got there. And then it started raining after about two minutes, so we walked back home. Thankfully the rain wasn’t too bad so we didn’t get soaked, but the weather here can be unpredictable in autumn! The whole week was crazy – we spent a lot of time outside, since we have a table and chair set in our back yard. It would be sunny, a few clouds but mostly blue skies, and suddenly in two minutes there are gray clouds and it’s raining. Then five minutes later, sunny and blue again.

It can also go from sunny, to light rain, to downpour, pretty quick. I might have to suck it up and buy an umbrella eventually, especially once Kiwi is here and I’m pretty sure we won’t both fit under my rain jacket…


Percy loved playing with Sonic! The two of them were so cute together and they did a pretty good job of tiring each other out. Sonic loves playing tug of war with his rope toy, and it was hilarious watching Percy laugh and hold onto that toy with such a firm grip! Even when the force of Sonic’s playing sent Percy to the floor, he’d be lying there still holding onto the rope toy. It was so cute and fun to watch!


Percy is an absolute darling, right? He has the cutest smile! He was also very good while he was here. I mean we would love him anyways of course. But he did great!

I had to take a couple photos of Adalia and Percy of course!


Bye Percy! See you next time!

2 thoughts on “Adalia and Percy Visit!

  1. Carina says:

    It must have been lovely having your sister to visit. My sister is in the same country too and we don’t see each other as often as we like. Still, we try to make the most of it when we’re together!

    Very cute pictures of Percy too 🙂


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