Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

I’m now 39 1/2 weeks, and can’t wait for Kiwi to arrive! My mom is over from the States, and she got here on Sunday. Monday was a holiday so Jared had the day off and we went into town and went on a nice long walk and got lunch at a cafe.

Thankfully the weather was nice and sunny (although a little chilly) earlier this week, although today it’s decided to be rainy. Yesterday mom and I got groceries and then mom made us a delicious dinner of chicken tikka masala and naan bread.

Sonic is of course thrilled to have another person to follow around everywhere, and he loves sitting on or next to mom.

I really hope that Kiwi doesn’t go too far past his/her due date because I’m not even 40 weeks yet and already having a very hard time being patient. I’m so ready for Kiwi to come any day now! If next week’s blog post is late, well, don’t jump to any conclusions because I think that will be the third week in a row. Once Kiwi is here I’ll be sure to post an announcement on here within a couple days!

The last month or two of my pregnancy have been rather uncomfortable, but recently I’ve been feeling better, possibly from excitement and knowing that in just a few weeks or less, I’ll no longer be pregnant and instead be snuggling our sweet baby. I’ve also finished work which is probably a big factor since I have a lot more time to relax now. Whatever the reason, I’m still just as impatient to give birth because I’m so excited to meet Kiwi! Now that we really have everything ready, it’s easier to realise that we’re going to have an actual baby in our house soon! I do appreciate the fact that taking care of Kiwi right now is very easy, and I’m enjoying the last bit of my pregnancy knowing that soon everything will be changing! ❤️

I had to include this photo of Jared because he’s so handsome and he’s going to be the best dad! He already takes such good care of me and Kiwi and I know he’ll continue to once Kiwi is born. I can’t wait to see him snuggle our little boy or girl! ❤️

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

  1. Pearl says:

    All the best Tilly!! I’ve been in your place not that long. ago so I know the feelings!

    Gods peace and safe arrival of kiwi 🙂


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