Abel: Four Weeks

Today Abel is four weeks old! At times it seems like four days, other times it feels like four months. He’s such a sweet little guy and we are enjoying him so much!

We’re learning the art of functioning on little sleep and using sheer willpower to stay awake rocking him back to sleep at 4am. This past week he has started smiling, and he smiles and laughs as he falls asleep! He’s also treated us to several explosive nappies, and wet through his clothes several times as well. He enjoys sleeping through church and takes about three hours to rock to sleep at night (okay it’s like one hour, but it feels like ages).

We’re starting to get into a routine and the first few weeks of constantly nursing have passed, so I’m hoping to get back to blogging soon! In the meantime, I’m posting regularly on Instagram, so if you want to see more photos of Abel, follow me there! My username is tillyvirtue.

3 thoughts on “Abel: Four Weeks

  1. Rosie says:

    Very sweet. Love your smiles. Yes, long days, short years. As much as you know it we are helpless to actually change time, so enjoy what you can each day.


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