Abel: Eight Weeks

Today this sweet boy is eight weeks old! On Sunday, he’ll be two months… time just flies by, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant, or had just gotten married, or I was coming to NZ, or still in college. Especially since getting married time feels different to me, part of it is just getting older, and another part is the seasons switching around when I moved to NZ.


It really messes with my mind. I grew up with hot June, July, and Augusts. December was cold and January was kind of miserable because the best part of winter – Christmas – was already past. Summer vacation was around June to August or September. Here in NZ, it’s August and it’s cold – some days, but other days it’s warm enough to wear just a t-shirt! November, December, January… those months bring hot, humid weather and I’m constantly sweaty (gross) and dreaming of going for a swim. There’s no summer vacation; it’s called school holidays, and I have no clue when they are. The school year starts in January or February.

Also experiencing summer four times in a row threw me for a loop. Summer 2016 was June-September, and then I moved to NZ, where it was spring, and then summer. I moved back to the US in March so I got spring, and then summer. Then I moved to NZ after marrying Jared, in August 2017, and got the tail end of winter, spring, and summer. I was thrilled to experience an actual autumn/winter last year. I was also excited that it didn’t get super cold, because I didn’t really miss the 20* Fahrenheit weather (that’s less than 0* Celsius).

That said, moving to the opposite hemisphere has messed up my sense of time even further.


Okay where was I going with that… right, time flies by! It’s so exciting to think that Abel is almost two months old, and that’s 1/6 of the way to a whole year old. I also think it’s amazing that we have our very own son – like, he’s ours, forever. He’s just a baby now and in a year or two he’ll be a toddler, then a kid, then a teenager, then an adult — and we get to be his parents, the whole time! I love the stage he’s at right now but I’m also excited for the future.

Abel had a check-up today and he’s just over 6kg – more than 13lbs! He’s becoming more aware all the time – of his surroundings, and of himself, especially his arms/hands. He loves interacting with us and makes great eye contact, and ‘talks’ back and smiles!

I took this photo on the left, before Abel was born, so I had to recreate it now that he’s here! During pregnancy, it is so fun to imagine what your child will look like and be like. I am beyond thrilled with our little boy and I can’t imagine him being any different!

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