Abel: Five Weeks

Jared and I are so thankful for the past five weeks with our son! It is so fun to see him learning and growing every day. He loves to look around and just take in his surroundings, with a serious look on his face. He’s started cracking some smiles too, and occasionally as I put him to sleep he’ll laugh as he drifts off.


Because Abel was born by c-section and the first week of recovery was especially rough, Jared has been doing basically everything around the house so I can take it easy. It’s been five weeks now so I’m starting to do more, but he’s still bearing most of the housework on top of going to work every day. I’m so thankful for him!


Abel’s outgrown newborn diapers and most of his newborn clothes, and is now in 0-3 month clothing. He’s over 11 pounds now!


In the past few days he’s also started making more sounds besides just crying or fussing. It’s so fun to hear his sweet little coos!


He absolutely loves having a bath before bed every night! He just relaxes in the warm water and is so cozy and ready to sleep afterwards.

Abel is pretty good about taking naps, so I normally have a bit of time to myself while he sleeps, and the other day I found my old laptop and started it up. It’s almost seven years old, so I didn’t expect it to work very well. It’s in great condition though, and it’s so nice to be able to work on the computer without having to go to the other room where we keep our desktop computer. I’ve been working on some things for the blog, so don’t go anywhere! Thanks for sticking around while I’ve been a little MIA after Abel’s birth.

Abel at 2 weeks and 4 weeks. It’s crazy how much babies can change when they’re so little! Especially the first week or two, I felt like Abel looked different every day.

Every Week With Abel

Abel: Four Weeks

Introducing Our Son

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