My Favorite Vanilla Cupcakes with Jello Frosting

Originally published March 2019

Jared and I love teaching sunday school to the kids at church each week. Our church is blessed to have a bus and depending on the week, we have anywhere between 5-25 kids ride the bus to church. Last week I had promised the kids I would bring cake, so on Saturday I made some cupcakes. With so many kids there are birthdays all the time, so I used to make a lot of cake. Eventually I told them I would just make cake about once a month, for anyone who had a birthday that month.

That being said, with so many opportunities to bake cake, I had to find a good reliable recipe, and this one is perfect! It is easy to make, tastes great, and is nice and moist. (Recipe linked under photo)



Can I just say… these cupcakes were good. Only a few kids came to church last week, so there were plenty of leftovers, and after church I walked into the kitchen to find all the adults helping themselves! Which was a good thing because although I could have eaten five of these (and might have), Jared and I didn’t need to bring twenty cupcakes home.

I added sprinkles to the batter, and used this recipe for the frosting. 

Have you ever added Jello to frosting? I’d thought about it a dozen times but was never brave enough to actually try it and I’m so glad I finally did! I followed the recipe linked above, but didn’t use vanilla. Then I took a packet of Jello, mixed it with warm water (1/2 cup maybe? I didn’t measure) until it was dissolved, to avoid a grainy texture, and then mixed it into the frosting. I used lemon Jello, and added yellow food coloring as well. Then I just put it in a ziploc sandwich bag, cut the tip off, and piped it on the cupcakes. I chopped up some Sour Patch Kids, and added them on top.

Truly the best cupcakes. They are easy to make and turn out so delicious. Let me know if you try them sometime, or if you try the Jello frosting!


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