Abel: Six Weeks

Six weeks of being a mum and dad. Six weeks of taking care of a tiny human. Abel is doing great, and I am finally feeling normal again! I haven’t felt this great in months. I had low iron near the end of my pregnancy and so I was always exhausted for no reason. I’m currently functioning on four hours of sleep, but I am functioning. I feel like a normal person just tired. While I did enjoy being pregnant, I don’t miss having a sore back and hips, being unable to sleep on my stomach or my back, being swollen and chubby, tired and hungry, the occasional heartburn, and having to use the bathroom every hour.

Abel is interacting more each day, and he loves to just gaze around the room, or at our faces, and take everything in. He’s been smiling for a few weeks now, but it’s not as random anymore. He has discovered his voice and now makes noises other than fusses or cries – lots of whines, but other sounds too!


Last week Jared was on the couch doing some work on his laptop, and Abel was snuggled up beside him, happy to just sit by his daddy.

I put Abel in this shirt and just had to take a photo because it’s the first thing I bought for him, before I was even pregnant. Plus doesn’t he look so adorable in black? Who am I kidding; he looks adorable all the time. 

Abel and I are just chilling at home most of the time. He eats, cuddles, stares around at everything, and sleeps. I take a thousand pictures of him each day, and try to do housework or work on my blog, while he sleeps.


He’s so darling and I am just loving him more all the time. He’s so stinking cute and just gets cuter every time I see him, which is a lot, since I’m his mum.


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