Abel: Twelve Weeks

Can you believe it?! Abel is twelve weeks old! Almost three months! He’s growing so fast and learning more all the time. I keep falling more and more in love with him. Being a mom is so amazing for me. I have always wanted to be a mom, and when I worked as a nanny and babysitter I looked forward to having my own children someday. It is just as amazing as I imagined, and more.

If you’ve read this blog post, you know that I had a rough start, adjusting to being a mom. But now, I just love this new role! It’s such a joy to have a son and to cuddle him and take care of him and make him smile. I could shout from the rooftops without stopping about how much I love him! But that would get annoying so I’ll save it for these weekly updates.

Abel is still such a happy baby and he loves talking. He really enjoys laying on his play mat and just chatting away to his toys. He seems to be starting to discover that he can make more sounds, and is starting to grab toys.


Sonic is being himself. Today, I put him in the hallway while someone came by the house. I assumed he would go to our bedroom like he normally does. Instead he went in Abel’s room, got into several things, and even climbed onto the change table. I was not thrilled to find him there when I came to let him out of the hallway. He’s getting more and more curious about Abel and we’re letting him get closer to him and sniff him and lick him a little. Abel is taking notice of Sonic too.

How adorable is he?! I wonder when he’ll start rolling over… he’s getting stronger, but not quite there yet. When did your babies start rolling?

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