Botanica Whangarei

Botanica Whangarei – a variety of gorgeous plants


Botanica Whangarei is a gorgeous little spot here in Whangarei. The horticultural complex (how fancy does that sound?!) is home to several different sections with a variety of different kinds of plant life – the fernery, a moss room, japanese garden, dessert area, and more! It’s really fun to walk around and look at all the different plants. Who knew there were a million different types of ferns?! With free entry, be sure to visit next time you’re in Whangarei!

A Nice Easy Walk

There’s a trail that leads between Botanica, the Rose Garden near Domino’s Pizza, and the Whangarei library – which has a cafe INSIDE it so it’s pretty much the greatest library. It’s called No 7 Espresso and it is GOOD!

The trail is paved and mostly flat so it’s a really easy walk, and so beautiful and enjoyable! It’s not long but like I said, there’s a coffee shop in the library soooo you know what to do!

Next time you’re in Whangarei and want to enjoy nature, make sure to visit Botanica, and of course walk the trail to the library so you can get a delicious coffee!

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