What’s In My Diaper Bag (With a 3-Month-Old)

What’s in my diaper bag with a 3-month old?


Having a well-stocked diaper bag is a MUST! A few weeks ago, Jared and I went to church in the evening and Abel had already gone to sleep… so I figured he would sleep the whole time so I didn’t bother bringing the diaper bag.

Of course, he woke up and then had a dirty diaper. Good move (not). I’m planning to put a few diapers and some wipes in the car just in case I ever do that again! However, I am hoping to avoid that by remembering to bring my diaper bag with me next time.

Backpack style diaper bag

My diaper bag has everything I need without carrying around unnecessary weight. I love this Inuinui diaper bag that I bought on Amazon. It has lots of pockets and sections and can be worn as a backpack or carried as a handbag. It came with a reusable changing mat, which I love!


Changing mat, diapers, baby wipes, diaper rash cream, and disposable diaper bags

The changing mat is a must because I have been to way too many bathrooms in Abel’s short life, that don’t have anywhere to change a baby. Even when there is a change table, I’m a little bit of a germophobe so I like using the changing mat anyways.

Obviously you’re going to need diapers and baby wipes. I also have plastic bags for carrying dirty diapers if I can’t dispose of them right away. A small tub of diaper rash cream is great too, especially if your baby is prone to rashes.


Multipurpose nursing cover and breast pads

I love this Matimati nursing cover that I bought on Amazon, and I love using it as a carseat cover as well! It’s also great to use as a burp rag or blanket.

I normally don’t need to change my breast pads often but I have a few in my bag anyways! If you’re using nipple cream regularly, include that as well.


Change of clothes for baby

I keep a onesie and pajamas in case Abel has an explosion or spits up all over himself and needs a change of clothes. A sweater is great as well in case it gets cold! I like one that can snap or zip up because it’s easier to put on than a pull-over.


Bib, hat, and shoes

My son drools and spits up like any other baby, so he pretty much always wears a bib. Sometimes it ends up soaked so I like having an extra one on hand. A hat is necessary to keep his little head warm if it starts to get cold, and these little shoes are a great extra layer, and help keep his socks on as well.


Other miscellaneous items

Muslin blanket, book, teether, moisturizer, hand sanitizer, lip balm, pen, water bottle, and carseat clip.

The muslin blanket is great for soaking up spit-up or drool, and is light enough to be used as a nursing cover too if I don’t use my multipurpose nursing cover. Abel loves looking at books (and pretty much anything) and this one is small enough that it’s easy to throw in my diaper bag. This teether is easy for Abel to grab and he currently loves the wooden part!

Moisturizer for baby or yourself, hand sanitizer for those diaper changes, and lip balm, a pen, and water bottle for mama. The metal carseat clip allows me to put Abel’s carseat in a car without the base, so I keep that in my diaper bag just in case.


Is there anything in your diaper bag that’s not on this list? How have the contents of your diaper bag changed as your baby has grown?

If you’re a new mama and planning to breastfeed, check out my post on breastfeeding essentials.

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Diaper Bag (With a 3-Month-Old)

  1. sonja snowflake says:

    I really like your diaper bag!!
    I got a fancy BooPoo bag when my first one was a few weels old. Its back and the front cover are a changing mat – you can zip the back down and put the baby on the mat – it’s a pretty clever design 🙂
    However…it turned out being a bit too small for a whole day with cloth diapers…
    After a few months all I would carry with me was my regular handbag (it’s pretty big), a wet & dry bag and mayyybe some wipes…we didn’t really need any other things as we usually went by car and I kept a set of extra clothes and some other stuff in the xar anyways.
    Great idea, btw. – always…and I mean ALWAYS keep a few diapers, wipes, extra clothes and a blanket or something like that in the car!!!
    My daughter once had a poopy accident when we were shopping but I didn’t notice until we were back at the car. She leaked through all her clothes, I didn’t have any wipes, no diapers, let alone extra clothes…luckily we were in front of a store – so I rushed inside, grabbed a bag of diapers and wipes and cleaned & changed the baby – an wrapped her in my jacket, as I didn’t have anything else and it was…freezing outside…
    From that moment on I never ever forgot to pack some spare clothes, diapers and wipes in the car 😉


  2. Emily Janz says:

    My daughter is 5 and I obviously don’t carry a diaper bag anymore. But I do keep a change of pants and underwear in the car. And I always have wipes in the car. They are just so handy even now!


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