Abel: Twenty Weeks

Abel: Twenty Weeks

Twenty weeks… four and a half months… it’s crazy to think that in just a few weeks, Abel will be five months old! It feels like the shortest five months ever.


We made it through his four-month sleep regression and he’s back to sleeping like a champ! Let me tell you, it was a rough few weeks, and it’s sooo nice to be getting good sleep again.

Abel is now just under 8 kgs and is starting to fit some 6-9 month clothing! He can roll from front to back, and has rolled from back to front once but he does more wiggling than rolling. Abel loves putting things in his mouth and sucks his thumb whenever he’s tired or bored. He’s still a very content baby and loves to smile, laugh, and talk.

A few of our faves this month are these pacifier chains from Peas In A Pod (they are perfect for pacifiers and teething toys!), and this banana teether. Abel is also starting to like his pacifier more, and he has these ones. We have found that bibs are an essential, because of his spitting up and, more recently, his drooling as well! We have a few different ones including these.

I love dressing Abel up, and if you have Instagram you can find all his costumes under the hashtag #abeldressesup Last month I dressed him as a sailor and as Charlie Brown.

It’s so fun having a son and watching him learn and grow. I’m so excited to see what the next few weeks hold. Before we know it he’ll be eating solids, rolling all the time, and who knows what else!

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