Abel: Five Months

I feel like the last week all I’ve been thinking about is how BIG my baby is getting! Five months seems so. very. old. Next month he’ll be six months and that’s half a year! Okay let me stop before I start gushing… Here’s what we’ve been up to lately!

We took a trip to Rotorua for the weekend for a family member’s birthday party, and got to catch up with some friends as well! Abel did great in the car although once we got to Rotorua, he woke up and with all the excitement he didn’t want to have a nap after that so he was awake for over six hours with a little fifteen minute nap to tide him through. I know some babies just don’t sleep much during the day (or at all) but Abel usually has several good naps throughout the day so he was sooo tired.

I got him a sun hat from Kmart and it’s so stinking adorable! Kmart has the cutest baby clothes right now.

We are currently loving these adorable socks that a friend bought for us from our Amazon baby registry!

We went for a drive and took Abel for his first swim in the ocean… he enjoyed it for a few minutes and then was happy to nurse and cuddle with me in the sun.

Abel has recently found his feet and so now he loves grabbing on to them. His two bottom teeth have come through as well! He is getting soooo interested in our food and we’ve given him a few tastes but haven’t started feeding him yet.

I can’t get enough of this sweet boy and his smiles.

Abel’s favorite toy recently is this Sophie Giraffe that my dad got him for Christmas last year (when I was still pregnant).

We have also been absolutely loving our Wildbird sling! It’s so easy to just throw in my diaper bag and it’s seriously a life saver. I took Abel for a little walk the other day on a trail near our house. I also use it for grocery shopping and if you don’t have one you NEED one! It is so comfortable, so easy, and so snuggly. We have had several successful grocery shopping trips with it! My tip is to leave for the grocery store as soon as your baby has woken from a nap and is fed, and carry them in the sling. It works great for us anyways! Abel is content in the store and by the time we get home he’s ready for a nap, but not overtired.

Well, by Abel’s next update he’ll be eating, and who knows what else! Stay tuned to watch my baby boy grow WAY too fast!

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