Free Christmas Printables!

Free Christmas Printables

Merry Christmas. It’s December, I’m allowed to say it! My husband Jared is normally a December 1st guy. But this year he let me decorate a little early and I’m sooo excited!

Two years ago Jared and I had our first Christmas together, and put up our first tree (my first tree ever!). It was a scraggly little thing from the Warehouse and it cost $12 but truly I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a tree. Last year I searched for it and couldn’t find part of the stand and, well, a Christmas tree isn’t any good if it can’t stand up straight, and since it cost $12, I just gave it up. I didn’t want to get a new tree because we were visiting America for Christmas so why bother if we would barely be here to enjoy it…

So that is the reason why I bought a new tree this year. This time I found the one at Kmart for only $10. (It’s also a scraggly little tree… but slightly nicer than the one from the Warehouse) Someday we’ll probably invest in a nicer one, but for now, well a $10 tree can still bring a lot of joy. I got a few other decorations as well and then I took all the photos out of our photo frames. And replaced them with cute printables because Christmas only comes once a year!

Abel’s First Christmas

There’s something special about Christmas this year. I feel like the older I get, the less wonderful Christmas is. I’m not really sure why but I think it just comes with growing up. However! Last year it was really exciting to share all my family’s Christmas traditions with Jared while we visited them. But this year is even better. We have a baby to share Christmas with.

I am so excited for Abel to experience his first Christmas! I think it will just be extra fun to share this Christmas season not only with Jared, but with our little boy as well. I’m looking forward to teaching him about what we are celebrating at Christmastime – the birth of Jesus Christ. Having a son, I want to make life as fun as possible for my little boy, and that makes it fun for me as well!

I love decorating the house to make it feel like Christmastime – I mean Christmas itself is just one day so let’s celebrate it as long as we can! I got some cute decorations from the Warehouse and Kmart which I’ll link below, along with the links for the free printables!

I’ve also created some printable gift tags for you!

Click the links below to donwload the pdf files.

Free Christmas Printables: Gift Tags (8 per sheet)

Green Tiger ‘Hey, this is for you’
My Heart Is Yours
Retro Blue Rainbow
Retro Pink Rainbow

Free Christmas Printables: Quotes

Joy to the World 8×10
Merry Christmas 5×7
Merry Christmas 4×6
O Come Let Us Adore Him 4×6


Below I’ve linked the decorations that I bought from Kmart and the Warehouse.

6ft Christmas Tree from Kmart $10
Warm white lights from the Warehouse $15
Baubles (red, green, gold) from Kmart $2
Baubles (white, gold) from the Warehouse $3
Star tree topper from Kmart $2
Burlap bows from Kmart $2
Burlap flag bunting from Kmart $5
Burlap ribbon from the Warehouse $3
Two pack of mini trees from Kmart $8
Stockings from Kmart $3 each
Pointsetta and berry pick from the Warehouse $3

4 thoughts on “Free Christmas Printables!

  1. sonja snowflake says:

    I can totally relate – Christmastime is so much more enjoyable when you’ve got kids around ๐Ÿ™‚
    Our “babies” are 5 & 3 this year and really got into the spirit of all decorations and celebrations by mid November…
    we’re more or less atheists, so it’s a bit different in our house – we celebrate Christmas as a family holiday, enjoy as much time together as we can, decorate, read tons of books, bake cookies, light candles and all – and we attend several advent markets, which the kids have loved so far (but no wonder as there’s cotton candy and all kind of other fancy stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰ )
    We do tell them why Christmas is a holiday and read them the biblical story – so it’s up to them if they want to believe or not – and I think it’s important that they know even if we’re not religious.

    We set up a real tree – pretty much everyone here in Austria does it – so no plastic trees around here. But we don’t set it up until the evening of Dec.23th and we usuall, do it without the kids and (at my parents’ house) the living room is closed until dinner after the 24th – and then the magic happens – we light the candles, ring a tiny bell – the doors open and the kids are finally allowed to enter – and seeing their sparkling eyes really is the best thing ever ๐Ÿ™‚


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