How To Style A Bedroom

How to style a bedroom.

I love looking at gorgeous houses on tv or on Pinterest but a lot of times it seems so unattainable to have such a beautiful home! However, lately I’ve been learning how to style my home in a way that I like, and I want to share with you what I know!

How To Style A Bedroom

Keep It Simple

The first thing I did was go through the house and take down all the decorations. I have lots of decorations in several different styles or themes. Lots of it is special or sentimental! But I took everything down, and reevaluated. I put back only what looked great together and didn’t give the house a cluttered look. The other items, I packed away in the closet. I may pull them out and re-decorate sometime, and I’m not ready to get rid of them yet! But having everything out at once gives my home a cluttered, uncohesive feel.

Does It Match?

As I said above, my decor was in a few different styles! Some rustic, some sleek, some beachy. Try to choose one theme and stick to it – if not for the whole house, choose only one theme for each room.

Switch It Out!

Seasonal decor? Go for it! At Christmastime, I took down all my decorations… I took our photos out of their frames… and I went all-out for Christmas! Do you have decor that is best suited to a specific season or holiday? If it’s a versatile item, use it some other way. If not, pack it away and pull it out when you want to feel festive!

How I Styled My Bedroom

When we moved into our current house, our bed frame didn’t fit through the hallway and doorway into our room! We had to get a new one. We chose one from the Warehouse and a matching set of bedside drawers. I love having the matching bedroom furniture! It really pulls it together. When we got married we were given some bedding, and I love that the pattern is modern and fun but simple. We have matching pillowcases, and all the sheets and spare pillowcases are in colors that coordinate with the duvet cover. This makes it easy to always have coordinated bedding!

We purchased a set of lamps (similar linked here) and my favorite thing is that they turn on by touch. They also have three light settings. We keep these on our bedside tables, along with a few other things. On mine is a candle and essential oil diffuser. Jared’s has his alarm clock.

On the other side of the room, there’s a bit of a nook where our dresser (which does not match the other furniture) fits perfectly. There are a few decorations on top of the dresser including some wedding photos, a photo album, and a candle. Beside the dresser is a small closet. Our room doesn’t have a lot of storage — or maybe we just have too much clothing — so we keep some clothing hanging in the closet, Jared uses the dresser, and I keep my clothes in the hallway closet just outside our bedroom.

Our bedside tables have two drawers, which I love because it’s actually a lot of storage! To be honest I need to sort through them because they have a lot of random stuff right now. One thing I love to keep in mine is my journal, a pen, and chargers and headphones.

Our bed has space underneath and we keep our extra blankets there. At the foot of our bed is our laundry basket, a sheepskin, and in the summertime, a fan.

I have found that our room is the perfect size, and I love the way it’s set up! I think it would look even better with a large photo or art-piece above the bed, but at the moment this small photo is all I can do. We rent our house and cannot put new holes in the walls, or use command strips.

You’ll notice the curtains don’t really match anything! As I said, we are renting, and these are the curtains that came with the house. In my dream home, the curtains would coordinate as well. However, we’re really happy with our place right now and I’m working around the things I can’t change, such as the curtains!

To Sum It Up!

  • Keep it simple. Less is more. A few well chosen decorations can have a much larger impact than many items together.
  • Coordinate furniture and bedding, as much as possible.
  • Little touches can bring a room together. Our duvet cover has dark blue, aqua, and bright yellow-green, and most of the decorations in our room are black/white and a calm blue that goes great with these colors.
  • Use special decor for holidays, if that’s your thing! Look for festive items that go well with many of the things you already have.
  • I love finding printables to fill photo frames at certain times of the year! Do a Pinterest search and you can find dozens of free printables. Click here for my free Christmas printables and here for my free Valentines themed printables!

What would you add if this was your room? Some cute throw pillows would be a nice touch! Also, can somebody please tell me what to do with a throw blanket? I have a few but I can’t figure out how to make them look casual in a purposeful way…

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