Keeping Busy in Lockdown

During lockdown we had lots of time to spend outside in our small yard. To keep Abel contained so he couldn’t crawl away but could still enjoy the sunshine, I found this big plastic tub in our garage and cleaned it out so he could sit in it. It’s the perfect size and because it’s so flexible, he can’t pull himself to standing because the sides aren’t sturdy enough.

I put a soft blanket, some toys, and books in the tub with him and he was happy playing and reading!

This book is one of his favourites; ‘That’s Not My Bee’. He loves the touchy-feely books!

Unfortunately now that we’re halfway through May (and just a few weeks from winter!) it’s getting colder and rainier so it’s harder to dry clothes outside, but I took full advantage of the warm sunshine and low chance of rain while it lasted.

We enjoyed lots of iced coffee while Kalina was here, especially trying out Dalgona Whipped Coffee, the hottest new trend in coffee. (The one pictured here is just regular iced coffee, no frills). We made brownies too, lots of them. So. Dang. Good. This is my favorite recipe.

We did a little photo shoot in the bushes with Abel. I might be biased but he’s prettyyyy stinking cute.

Of course we can’t forget Kalina. 😉

There’s one corner of our yard that was SO overgrown it was just an unsightly tangle of bushes and dead leaves. Over a few days, with Kalina’s help, I transformed it and it actually looks beautiful now. Since we’ve lived in this house I’ve kind of ignored the gardens except a few bushes in front of the house. But now I’m so excited about cleaning up the outside and making our yard look nice! These succulents were in my living room window for a few months, since my friend gave them to me. I was pleasantly surprised that they stayed alive (I don’t have the greenest thumb) and when we worked on this corner of the yard, I found so many pots, so I planted the succulents in them (and threw the really ugly pots and garden decorations under the deck).

The other thing about this plastic tub – you can fill it with a blanket and toys, or you can put some water and bath toys for some fun water play in the warm weather! Abel loves it both ways.

What did you get up to during lockdown? Here in NZ we have moved down to alert level 3 which means stores are open again, we are moving towards ‘normal’ again, although we still have a long ways to go. It’s good to be able to visit with family again. Our church is still online since religious services are only allowed 10 people, but we’ve enjoyed going to Jared’s parents’ house and watching the services with them. Are you still in lockdown, or slowly emerging from it like us in NZ?

4 thoughts on “Keeping Busy in Lockdown

  1. sonja snowflake says:

    we (or I) had so many plans for lockdown…we’ve been in lockdown since march 14th here in Austria, with a couple of weeks of complete lockdown in our area where we weren’t even allowed to pass our hometown borders…that was definitely the hardest part – kids at home (which I love, but being 30 weeks pregnant at that time with a very active 5 and a 3 year old was exhausting at times) – not being able to visit grandparents was really hard on the kids, as they usually see them about twice a week…
    lockdown is pretty much over now, of course, there are still restrictions and schools aren’t fully open, as well as public pools and such things – but they started reopening restaurants this weekend…
    I’m glad that our kids’ playgroup starts again today – as I’m now 37 weeks pregnant and got quite some things on my to do list (that are so much easier to do without kids around) before baby arrives – thankfully mum is able to help me out now and I suppose I’ll be done with my list by next week…
    our kids can’t wait to see their friends again today…it was great having them home and they really intensified their bond, it was the best thing ever watching them play and witness the love and compassion they have for each other – and in my opinion, the lockdown- timing was perfect, as we had an intense time together before family dynamics will change again with the arrival of the new baby…
    now at least the kids have some weeks of “normal” before the summer holidays start and I get some time off to enjoy the last weeks of my last pregnancy, so apart from meal prepping and cleaning a few spots I will enjoy lots of time outside, go for walks, do some sports and prepare for birth 🙂

    btw.- we have similar baskets, but my kids used to fall over with them 🙈


  2. Suzan says:

    I am my mother’s carer and my life has changed very little, Both of us caught a very nasty virus and while I am now better but mum isn’t. Gosh I dislike wearing a mask. Enough whining.

    Two days week I look after my granddaughter. She is my treasure and delight. We have planted some seeds, done lots of drawing on the concrete paths, we read books, build things, play kitchens, cook sometimes and she just love being various animals. Other days are quietly domestic. I really dislike domestic. But jobs need to be done.

    Before our libraries closed I received notification and borrowed over 70 Christian books and I have been reading those most avidly.

    Your little man is adorable and so gorgeous. He is an absolutely perfect little man.


    • Tilly Cutforth says:

      I’m sorry you got sick, I hope your mum is better too now. That’s sweet you can look after your granddaughter! I have so many good memories with my grandparents as a little girl. Good for you getting books before lockdown. I was a few days too late and when I tried to go ours was already shut, a few days before lockdown. Thank you for the compliments on Abel!


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