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Beach Days with Family

In January/February, my dad and Apollo came to visit us in New Zealand! Judah came as well, a bit later, and their stays partially overlapped. I haven’t posted all the photos from their visit so I’m catching up! A bit later Kalina came to visit too, and ended up staying through our month-long level four lockdown.

The whole spring/summer I’d only been to the beach once or twice. With my family visiting, we went seven times! It was beautiful, warm, sunny, and we had lots of fun. One of my favourite beaches is Waipu Cove. We also love Sandy Bay and Ocean Beach.

We hiked up Mount Manaia, which I was regretting from about five minutes in. It’s really steep. Imagine stairs. The entire way. For like an hour. It’s the best leg workout I’ve done, I’ll give it that. I’ve been up Mount Manaia twice in the almost three years I’ve lived here. That’s often enough for me. 😉

We had to go to Whangarei Falls as well, of course (not a beach but a river/waterfall)! It’s absolutely beautiful.

Are there any other must-visit beaches in Northland? Let me know!

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