Snacktime With Abel

Snacktime with Abel!

Abel is talking so much lately, adding new words and communicating better all the time. Have you ever talked to a toddler and have no clue what they’re saying but their parents can translate easily? Yes, we are there!

You might have noticed the lack of pants, because we are potty training! Abel is doing really well and although the first day I regretted it every second, we’re now on day three and it’s better.

If you have children you won’t be surprised to hear that I can’t stop staring at every one of these photos and admiring my little boy. It’s such a privilege to be his mum, and it is amazing watching him turn from a baby to a toddler. Now he’s running around, talking, potty training, and just acting much too old. He adores cuddling, and usually when I’m cooking dinner he likes to come hug my legs the whole time which slows me down a little. But it’s the sweetest thing and I love the snuggles!

Lately we have been reading the Little House series aloud. We finished ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ and are now reading ‘Little House on the Prairie’. We are both enjoying it a lot! Abel just turned two but he understands a lot.

I was going to read him another chapter but he grabbed the book from me and wanted to look at it himself, so I just started taking photos of him instead. I’m really looking forward to printing some photos! At the end of every year I make a photo book. I just love it because it’s so nice to have the physical images to look at, and a highlight of memories and moments. Sometimes it feels like we don’t do much exciting but I love taking photos of the little moments like this because they’re just as special. Don’t forget to take photos of everyday life, especially when you’ve got littles who grow so fast.

2 thoughts on “Snacktime With Abel

  1. Suzan says:

    How wonderful that you are sharing your love of reading. My three year old granddaughter loves to share books, counting and life in general. I look after her on Wednesdays and what fun we have. Yesterday she wanted a quiet day and there were many snuggles and much laughter. Mia is very small for age but after yesterday I am a bit flummoxed. She kept asking for food non-stop. The only time she stopped talking about food was when we bought a balloon. A lady in the grocery store was so amused as Mia was busy telling me all the items on the store shelves but she did not ask for toys or sweet things.

    Well done sweet mother.


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