Cuddles with Juniper

Cuddles with Juniper. The other day I was feeding Abel lunch and reading to him while Juniper played on the floor. She loves to kick her legs and move around, and, apparently, cuddle in her blanket!

She’s also cut her first tooth!

She just turned four months last week and I’ve suspected she was teething for a while now, and I finally felt a sharp edge while she was gnawing on my fingers. She already has teeth, and I feel like she was just born. Soon she’ll be started solids and wasn’t Abel at that stage just a month ago? If you think time goes fast normally, having a baby speeds it up mega. I’m not planning to start solids with Juniper until I have to, and I did the same with Abel. By five or six months though, he was very keen for food and would watch, open his mouth, and grab for food anytime we ate.

When it comes to most things I’m very much ‘go with the flow’. Our Plunket nurse asked me what my goals were for Juniper and I was like… my what? I thought she was asking if I wanted her to be a Dr, or get a 4.0 GPA or something. No, she just meant like in day-to-day baby life. I said, ‘oh, well, I plan to keep her happy and healthy and go with the flow…’. For us, routines work better than schedules. I couldn’t tell you how many naps she typically takes or how many feedings she has, because I don’t really think about it. We have a good routine but I don’t track those things. As for night wakings, I honestly can’t remember most of the time but it’s still a lot, I can tell you that.

I might be a little biased,

but I think she’s just the cutest baby ever. I’m still surprised at her baldness though. Why was my baby boy born with a head full of hair but my baby girl is still bald at 4 months? Don’t worry, I love them just the same. 😉 PS if you want to see a fun comparison, here’s Abel at the same age!

2 thoughts on “Cuddles with Juniper

  1. Suzan says:

    Don’t worry about the hair. My granddaughter has taken a long, long time to grow her hair. It is just below her ears and she will be four years old in September. I still hating she is the most beautiful little girl.

    Personally I love your attitude. Stick to your routine. Your children seem to be the happiest babies and seem so content. You are obviously doing the right thing by them. God bless.


    • Tilly Cutforth says:

      Aw Thank you so much!
      Your granddaughter sounds so cute. I nannied a 4-year-old who had very long hair and I was always dying to fix it but she hardly let me. Obviously hair doesn’t matter much and can be so cute at any length.


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