Northland Based Product Photography

I am starting a Northland based product photography business, called Salt & Light Photography. You may notice my website looks a little bit different now, and the home page will now give you the option to go to my blog or to my photography page. Don’t worry it’s still me and I’m still blogging just as sporadically!

Salt & Light Photography was actually my friend Mia‘s idea, and we spent some time creating these photos together as we brainstormed. We’re currently working on a few collaborations with some local New Zealand businesses so we can build our portfolio. I’ve been sick this past week so I haven’t made much progress but as we recover I am so excited to get to work on this, and share the photos with you once we’re finished!

I have thought long and hard about my goals as a wife, mum, and individual, and I’m really passionate about staying home with my babies and also using my skills and working toward short-term, tangible goals. If you’re interested in our photography or just want to follow along, I have an Instagram page, where we’ll be sharing photos! It’s also a great way to learn about kiwi small businesses as that’s who we’ll be working with.

2 thoughts on “Northland Based Product Photography

  1. Suzan says:

    I wish you well. It is absolutely terrific that you want to stay with your children while working too. God bless your new venture and may your prosper.


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