Juniper and Abel

Juniper is now six months old, and she’s made some big progress lately! She is in her own room now and the last few nights has only woken up twice (she woke up five times the night before that!). She started eating solids and is loving it, and she can move around quite a bit for a baby who can only roll. She can do a little high-pitched scream and likes to yell. She loves Abel and I just adore their sibling relationship!

Abel’s also been learning lots! He’s been in a ‘big boy bed’ for a few months now and after a few stops and starts with potty training, he has finally got it figured out. It’s such a relief. The day it ‘clicked’ he had a few accidents first thing in the morning and I kind of cried and almost put a nappy on him. But I decided to persevere and he did really well! He hasn’t had any accidents for a few days now.

He is also talking a lot now! He can repeat most words pretty spot on, and can easily put two words together now. I love this age where toddlers are learning to talk and their parents or people who are around them a lot can usually understand them but who else would know that ‘maaaak’ means ‘banana’ or ‘scheeeek’ means ‘sing’.

I really enjoy my new photography business and have done a few photo sessions recently – I need to do a post sharing them soon!

We’re now in a level 4 lockdown here in NZ, and to be honest, as a stay at home mom, that doesn’t change much for me. Except one big thing – I couldn’t order my groceries online because the spots were all filled. I couldn’t take the children grocery shopping because it’s recommended not to. So Jared stayed home with the children while I went and bought groceries by myself. It was kind of luxurious. It didn’t even feel like level 4. There were no lines to get into the store, it really wasn’t busy, and there was only one person in the checkout in front of me.

Juniper has the sweetest smile but she can also be pretty serious when she wants to!

By the way, someone asked if there’s a subscribe button on my blog and I don’t think there currently is but I plan to figure out how to add it.

6 thoughts on “Juniper and Abel

  1. Suzan says:

    You children are so very special. Thank you for sharing their growth. Juniper is adorable. I would love to kiss those cheeks.

    On Sunday I was blessed with my second grandchild. Two little girls to love and adore. I am blessed beyond measure,

    I pray that your lock down isn’t too long. This Delta strain is frightening. God bless you and keep you.


  2. Maria says:

    Happy six months Juniper! Love hearing about siblings having a good relationship especially when pretty close in age. We’re expecting #2 right around our daughter’s second birthday and I’m hoping and praying for a good sibling relationship.


    • Tilly Cutforth says:

      Yay congrats! Abel LOVES to help, so I think that contributes toward him loving his sister. It makes him feel big and important. Whether that’s getting a nappy, putting things in the rubbish, etc. any little tasks he can do.


  3. Hannah Sargent says:

    Hi Tilly, Hannah here.
    I grew up reading your mama’s blog (my mum and I read it together) and I always liked you because we were similar in age. I’m one of 10 homeschooled kids, and even though I’m from the States, I think it’s super cool that we both ended up in New Zealand as well! (I moved to Tauranga 3 years ago to do mission work). I just wanted to say I love your blog and your little family looks so sweet!
    Happy 6 months to Juniper! God bless you and. your fam,



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