Lockdown at Nanny and Poppa’s

Hello! We spent a few weeks in lockdown here in NZ and are now in a less strict lockdown (minus poor Auckland who are still in level 4). We decided to lockdown with Jared’s parents so it was easier for him to work from home (they’re his bosses). Abel LOVED being at Nanny and Poppa’s house! Since we came back home he’s been asking to go to their house daily, and asking for Sky (he doesn’t ask for their other dog, who growls at him 🤣)

We got to return to church on Sunday and Abel was so excited to be in the crèche (nursery) again. He has been talking about it since, and asking for his friends by name. So sweet!

I got in on some lockdown baking, but let’s be honest I’m baking all the time anyways.

I’m pretty sure all the little kids I know grew a few inches during the last several weeks! Abel is getting so big and he’s learning shapes and singing along to songs. I got him a step stool today and he loved helping in the kitchen.

He also got this new shirt today and he was soooo excited!

Juniper has three teeth now and has been working on another one for probably six weeks now. She will get on her hands and knees and can move around a lot considering she can’t crawl or move herself forward. Her appetite for food has picked up the last few days and she loves to eat!

3 thoughts on “Lockdown at Nanny and Poppa’s

  1. Suzan says:

    Your children are fortunate to have spent the time with their grandparents. I think it was a wise move. I am glad the children enjoyed their time.

    Your baking looks so delicious. I think I want to board a flight right now.

    God bless.


  2. Maria says:

    Your baking looks amazing and I want to come over and enjoy it! Too bad I’m in Canada. 😉

    Also Juniper is looking like Abel in a bunch of pictures, unless you threw some old Abel pictures in to confuse us blog readers.


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