Bloobs… wanna take a wild guess? Blueberries, that’s right. Abel loves berries!

Besides eating ‘bloobs’ we’ve been playing outside more lately. It is spring now and some days are really warm. I’m planting a veggie garden this year so we’ve been outside preparing that. We have lettuce planted, and I’ve started some cucumber, courgette/zucchini, tomato, capsicum/pepper, chives, spring onion, and strawberries. They’re inside and I’ll put them in the ground when they’ve grown a bit bigger. The capsicum isn’t really growing but I’ve heard they are hard to grow so I’m not too surprised. We’ll see if any of the seeds germinate. I also have some squash seeds I saved but I think I will plant those later in the season, and focus on the cucumbers and courgettes for now.

Abel loves helping dig in the dirt and he loves having a bath afterwards to get all clean.

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the beach, and it was so nice. The wind was a bit chilly and it was overcast but it was so nice to get out and enjoy it. I took some fun photos as well which I’ll share later! We visited the same beach last September so I have some cute comparison photos to share. Ok I’ll just do a sneak peak now. So cute…

It’s hard to believe there’s only a year between these photos!

6 thoughts on “Bloobs

  1. Maria says:

    Best wishes for the garden!

    Our daughter is 18 months and OBSESSED with blue blues as she calls blueberries. They really are a great toddler food. Thankfully we live in New Brunswick where wild blueberries are cheap!


  2. Heather Massese says:

    I miss you and your family on social media and finally found a moment to come by and visit.

    Do you know about hardening plants off, if they have been inside (controlled access to wind/their new home a bit at a time before putting them outside permanently)? I grew capsicum in Palmy so they will grow well in NZ but I started from seedling. Cherry tomatoes are a great starter plant, they ripen fast enough that bugs don’t get them too much.


    • Tilly Cutforth says:

      Hi Heather, sorry for taking so long to respond! Yes I have heard about hardening plants, I haven’t really tried it though. After the seedlings I started indoors died I just planted seeds direct since it was warm enough. I’ll have to try the capsicum seeds again. The tomatoes and courgette and pumpkin I started seem to be growing well!


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