About Me

I’m Tilly – let me tell you a bit about myself!

As if it wasn’t crazy enough to grow up with thirteen siblings (yes, thirteen!), I was born during the short span that my family lived in Canada, before moving back to the USA, so I’m a dual citizen, and at sixteen was starting community college and had already been to Colombia and Malawi. At eighteen, my sister invited me to come stay with her in New Zealand, so I decided to drop everything and go live in a country I’d never been to before, for six months. There I met my Kiwi husband Jared and our whirlwind romance turned my ‘I’ll definitely visit NZ again but I’d never live here’ to moving here for permanent, in just seven months. Since then we’ve bought a house and had two babies, Abel and Juniper!

I have always loved photography, and on my eleventh birthday my parents helped me buy my first dslr camera and I began figuring out how to use it! My mom is a professional photographer and from her I learned much of what I know about photography, as I assisted her at newborn and family photoshoots, sat beside her watching her process photos for hours, read photography forums over her shoulder, and asked questions. I’ve assisted photographers at two weddings, and gained experience taking photos for friends and family and am excited to now have my own photography business taking product photos.