Snarky Milestone Cards {Free Printable}

Snarky Milestone Cards {Free Printable}

You know those adorable cards you can buy that say sweet things like I rolled over for the first time! or my first smile. When your child does something exciting for the first time, you take a photo of them with the card to remember it.

Some days we love to ooh and ahh over the sweet things our babies do. I was thrilled when my son rolled over for the first time, and those first laughs ARE so incredible.

But… some days, motherhood isn’t that cute. Some days we need cards that say things like today I peed in my own face or today I went all day without a nap. Because let me be honest, when my son Abel does something annoying or ridiculous, I’m pretty quick to snap a photo and send a text to my mom and sister. Can you believe what Abel just did?

To me, keeping my sanity in motherhood means finding humor in lots of situations! When Abel spits up all over his clothes, I joke ‘You could have just said you didn’t like this outfit!’ I’m still yet to find something good about poop explosions, but hey, this is a start right?

Today I bring to you, snarky milestone cards.

Click the links below to download a set of 10 printable milestone cards (size 4×6 inches).

Note: there is a duplicate of one card. One says ‘I peed during a diaper change’ and one says ‘I peed during a nappy change’ This is because I have readers in both the US and NZ (plus other countries!) so I like to accommodate both cultures.

Printable 4×6 Animal Themed Snarky Milestone Cards

Printable 4×6 Flower Themed Snarky Milestone Cards

Which milestone is your favorite? I love the one that says ‘I peed in my face’ because my son has done that more than once and honestly I find it hilarious!

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  1. I love these cards!
    unfortunately my kids are too old for these 😉
    And actually none of my kids ever peed in their oqn faces 😂 but I have to admit, that my son might have targeted my face 🙊

    1. I may have to make a few more sets for toddlers, kids, and older kids. Haha!

  2. These are hilarious! @Sonja, you could just keep going with this- First time calling poison control, First ER visit, first cuss word….

    1. haha, @tarynkay – after 5 years of parenting the wildest girl ever and 3 years of parenting a little clumsy baby bear, we’ve only ever visited the ER once!!! I’m pretty proud 😀 (and that was the time a certain girl decided it was wise to jump off a dresser all over her floorbed and bang her mouth on the wooden bedrack…she had a torn labial frenulum, but that was all and we were able to head back home after the doctor had seen us 🙂

      however…I might want to think about milestone cards for teenagers some time 😉 “first time home after midnight”, “first hangover”….ohhh, those could turn out to be hilarious photos 😉

  3. Those are hilarious! I totally wish I had those when my daughter was a baby!!

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