A Visit to Auckland Zoo

A visit to Auckland Zoo.

Last week, Jared, Abel, and I went down to Auckland to look at a few used cars and we wanted to do something fun as well! We spent the morning and early afternoon looking at cars and buying one, and then headed to the zoo.

I just love going to the zoo and learning about all the different animals!

It’s amazing how much variety there is in God’s creation! So many different animals and plants. I loved watching the elephants’ graceful trunks, imagining coming face-to-face with a rhino in the wild, and seeing the meercats lounge in the sun.

One thing I love about going to the zoo is watching the animals just enjoy being an animal. Does that make sense? They eat, roll around in the dirt, splash in the cool water, chase each other, relax in the warm sun… can I join them?!

Currently there is construction at the Auckland Zoo to build a few new exhibits and buildings. While we only had two hours at the zoo, we really enjoyed seeing Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South America, and Australia. We’re already looking forward to the next time we visit Auckland Zoo, and hopefully arrive earlier in the day so we have more time!

Which zoo do you live near? When I was still living in Washington, we would visit the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle!

To see some photos from my visit to the Australia Zoo a few years ago, check out this blog post!

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  1. Australia Too would be our closest zoo and I have never been there. My grand baby is taken there often and she loves it.

    1. We can’t wait to take Abel to the zoo as he gets older and can enjoy it more!

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