Whangarei Portrait Photography: Abel at Mander Park

Well, we have been busy lately and I haven’t been focusing on my blog. June was busy for us and in July we spent two weekends in a row away at weddings, one in Rotorua and one in Palmerston North. Somehow we’re already over halfway through August… this has been the weirdest year that’s for sure. It feels like it’s been so slow and yet so quick at the same time.

Last week I took Abel for a walk to a nearby park and took some photos of him.

He is doing really well! He’s not walking yet but he loves cruising around on furniture and he is a super fast crawler. He figured out how to get off the couch himself, and he could spend hours every day just looking at his books. And eating them. He likes eating them too.

Abel loves listening to music and singing along, and he enjoys standing at the piano and ‘playing’.

Abel enjoys going in the creche on Sundays and playing with all the toys and the other kids.

He had a Plunket visit this morning and he’s just under 11kgs and is 77cm tall. He can say ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and a whole bunch of gibberish. The other day my niece Grace and I were playing a game and she said ‘Abel am I going to win?’ and he yelled ‘No!’

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  1. Abel is a beautiful little man.

  2. Abel looks very happy in the swing…I’m guessing you could be there pushing for a while!

    1. Yes! When I stopped pushing him he looked offended. 😂

      1. hahahaha, learnung to operate a swing by themselves is such a breakthrough in the kid- parent relationship 😂

        1. Haha it’s like blowing bubbles, they love it but do you really want to stand there doing it for them as long as they would like you to? 😉

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